Last week we officially announced the availability of our latest official release of RadControls for WPF and RadControls for Silverlight - Q2 2013. I would like to provide you with a quick glance of the most exciting features which are a great addition to our astonishing suites.

I shall start with the evolution of our “youngest” controls:
The RadTileList control that enables easy viewing and scrolling through data via tiles (similar to Windows 8) goes official! With this release, we’ve added grouping, so you can arrange your tiles in pre-defined groups making it easy to navigate and locate exactly what you need, fast.

It is also exciting that our RadSpreadSheet gains more power and maturity. In Q2 2013, an enriched set of built-in formulas, Find and Replace functionality and Hyperlink support round out this control and document processing tool for XLSX files.

I will continue with the new features and improvements across the other members of the WPF and Silverlight families:


  • Introducing new series – PointSeries
  • 2 New Annotation types: MarkedZone and CustomLine
  • New Chart Behavior - Crosshair
  • Built-in support for scroll-to-zoom and drag-to-pan interactions


  • New RadMenuGroupItem and RadMenuSeparatorItem
  • Integration between RadDropDownButton/RadSplitButtonand RadContextMenu 


  • Added keyboard navigation


  • Improved keyboard navigation


  • Improved RadDiagrams export
  • RadDiagramContainerShapes collapsible containers
  • Extendible SettingsPane
  • RadDiagramContainerShapes improved layout


  • Printable. Common API for exporting parts in BitmapSource objects


  • Added Column Sort Sequence Indicator
  • Copy a row and paste it to multiple selected rows
  • RadGridView Measure and Arrange Optimizations
  • Insert new items on pasting


  • Added new layer, VisualizationLayer, to perform calculation-heavy operations
  • Async map shape reader for ESRI shape files, KML files, WKT/WKB formats (SQL Geospatial)


  • New RadMenuGroupItem to put different controls on Menu
  • New RadMenuSeparatorItem


  • New steps for DateTimeGroupDescription and a new UI to set and simultaneously use different steps at runtime

  • Implemented Label Filters for OLAP

  • RichTextBox

    • Code blocks - insert code snippets in the editor via UI
    • Extensibility point to plug-in custom syntax highlighters

    I hope you will share my excitement and happiness with the new additions in our Q2 2013 release. You can download the bits for WPF and for Silverlight and give them a try. The detailed release notes for WPF and Silverlight will give you the full picture of everything new and improved. You can check our WPF and Silverlight demos or see the new additions in action as presented in our RadControls for WPF/SL Q2 2013 webinar. And let's not forget the new examples added to our XAML SDK.

    Please feel free to share your feedback with us.

    About the Author

    Hristo Maradjiev

    Product Manager,
    Telerik XAML Team

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