I am glad to present the early bits of what is coming with our Q2 2013 official release. As always, we'll appreciate your feedback. You can find the Beta for WPF here and for Silverlight here. You can check and play with the demos for WPF and Silverlight. The detailed release notes for WPF are here and the Silverlight here.

To give you some of the highlights I'll list here the most important additions to our controls:
Check the newly added grouping in RadTileList here.

We have new and exciting features in our RadSpreadsheet as well:

Hyperlinks – hyperlinks are now supported. They can be inserted in the worksheet through an intuitive UI, serialized and deserialized on import/export for a richer editing experience.

Find/Replace – functionality rich in customization options, backed up by an exhaustive UI that allows searching across all worksheets in the workbook.

We’ve added new steps for DateTimeGroupDescritpion and a new UI to set different Steps at runtime and use them simultaneously.

We’ve implemented Label Filters for OLAP.
New PointSeries – added series capable of visualizing high-density categorical information, such as events plotted on a DateTime axis.

Crosshair - a tool that helps you to precisely identify a point on the plot area.

Added new layer – VisualizationLayer – designed from the ground-up to perform calculation-heavy operations on the background thread thereby freeing the UI thread and allowing it to handle user interaction. Providing up to 20% performance improvement, while covering a wide range of requested features such as Map shapes, Databinding, Virtualization and Clustering. The newly built architecture allows mouse and touch interaction with map shapes.
Async map shape reader for ESRI shape files, KML files, WKT/WKB formats (SQL Geospatial) – added infrastructure (supplementary to the new layer ) for asynchronous loading of the fore mentioned formats.

I hope you like the shortlisted features. To find all of the items that will come with our official release please check the links in the beginning.

Telerik DevCraft Q2 2013 Webinar Week

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