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Integrate a customizable, modern Angular notification into your web app in just a few minutes with the Kendo UI for Angular Notification component. In the embedded tutorial video below, you will learn just how easy it is!

Believe it or not, 2021 is the 30th birth year of popup notifications. They started on Mac as Balloon Help in 1991 and made their appearance in Windows taskbar notifications in 2000. You now see them referred to in web apps as popup, snackbar and toast notifications. They are used to show important information related to an action being performed. Very common use cases are success and failure messages after form submittal.

As evident by their longevity, these notifications are important UX tools—but writing them from scratch can get complicated. That’s where the Kendo UI for Angular components library shines. Among over 100 other tools, the Angular Notification component provides a customizable, full-featured and modern-looking popup notification.

In the video below, Developer Advocate Alyssa Nicoll shows you how easy it is to drop one of these into your app, customize it with an icon, set its position, add interactivity, configure animation and even embed another component. Follow along in one of these ways:

  • With Alyssa’s StackBlitz project.
  • In your own environment with Kendo UI for Angular. If you don’t have Kendo UI, trials are free and easy to set up. Get started here.

Have other how-to topics in mind? Please feel free to tell us. We love to show and tell!

Dan Beall
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Dan Beall

Dan Beall joined the Kendo Team in 2020 and brought with him a background in product management, marketing, and UX. Dan has over 20 years’ experience in the developer tools community bringing new solutions to market and evolving established solutions to meet the challenges of an ever-changing technical landscape. In his free time, he enjoys brewing, hiking, boating, and disc golf.

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