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One Fiddler to Rule Them All

A lot of things happened since the last Fiddler Everywhere release (v.0.5) back in August 2019. A lot of good things! In that time, the team has grown significantly, and the product reached new milestones. We have used the opportunity to talk with you, and put in motion the Fiddler Insiders program. After few months of hard work, interviews and gathering feedback, we’re finally satisfied with the quality and the UX of the product.

Meet Fiddler Everywhere v0.10 – with a brand new look, improved UX, improved traffic inspection and a little surprise – the first collaboration feature!

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Revamped UI and Improved UX

Having the opportunity to talk with so many Fiddler Classic users made us realize that there are things that we can improve. That’s why we went back to the drawing board and tried to make Fiddler Everywhere perfect. This is the result of our efforts: What do you think?

Fiddler Auto Responder

The AutoResponder feature has been updated and renamed to Rule Builder as of July 2021.

The Auto Responder feature is one of the most powerful features that Fiddler Everywhere has. It gives you the ability to easily mock the response that a given request returns, thus helping you to try, test and debug your live websites/applications with ease. This is the first version of Auto Responder in Fiddler Everywhere, so give us your feedback if you find this feature useful and let us know how it can be improved further.

Traffic Filtering

Once Fiddler Everywhere is running, it starts to capture all the network traffic from the machine, which could be overwhelming. Fortunately, with this release, you will be able to easily filter only the sessions that are of value and hide the rest of the traffic.

Welcome Screen

On Fiddler Everywhere’s new welcome screen, you will find everything you’ll need to get started with Fiddler. Searching for useful links to the documentation, blogs, webinars and useful videos. Restart the in-app tutorials or looking for the latest product announcements? This is the place to go.

Fiddler Account

Now you can log in to Fiddler Everywhere using your own personal Fiddler Account. This gives you the ability to store your personal settings per account, share session with others and more. And this is just the beginning. 


These are just a few of the improvements that you’ll get with the new 0.10.0 release. And it’s just the beginning. Follow us on Twitter, if you don’t want to miss any new updates around Fiddler Everywhere. And don’t forget to tell us what you think about the new UI in the comments below. 

Kamen Velikov
About the Author

Kamen Velikov

Kamen is software developer and manager of the Fiddler team at Progress. He has more than 11 years of professional experience in software development. Programming has always been his passion and he feels lucky to work his hobby. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, motorcycling, freshly-roasted coffee, and trying new experiences. Geek by design. Writing is a new thing to him and he’ll appreciate your feedback and comments. 

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