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Fiddler is getting a new feature that makes collaborating with others on web debugging easier than ever. Read on to see how you can use it in your teams today.

Networks and networking are the new working norm. We are now living in a world where boundaries have no meaning and every activity that we do has a trace associated with it. Slack has changed the way we communicate in the office, Git repositories have changed the way we share code and Jira has changed the way we manage projects. Each of these tools are tuned to making the “Team” a centerpiece of the work rather than individuals doing their own work and walking away.

With the same motivation, the Fiddler Everywhere team set out to make the “Team” the centerpiece of its usage. This has been done by introducing a completely new Sharing feature which makes sure that Fiddler users solve together and on one workspace rather than on their individual systems.

With Collaboration, Fiddler is looking to achieve the following:

  1. Allow users to share their sessions via email
  2. Allow users to add comments on specific sessions and add context to their analysis
  3. Allow users to create Workspaces on the cloud and work on a shared instance (coming soon)

Let’s look at how you can achieve points one and two through the current Fiddler version:

  1. Save Captured Traffic

    Select the list of sessions that you want to share with your peers and save them under a workspace. This can be done by simply selecting the sessions, right-clicking on the selected session and clicking Save. This would open the below screen:

    Fiddler Everywhere Save Captured Traffic 1

    Give the session a name and save it. You can open the saved sessions in a new tab by simply clicking on the session name in the list of saved sessions on the top left corner.

    Fiddler Everywhere Save Captured Traffic 2

  2. Add Context to Your Saved Sessions

    Once you have opened your saved sessions in a new tab, you can add context to those sessions by adding comments. This can be done by simply right-clicking on any of the session entries and then clicking on Comment. This will open up a comment box where you can put in your descriptions.

    Fiddler Everywhere Add Context 1

    As your peers add comments to the same thread, it will get listed as a series of comments like below:

    Fiddler Everywhere Add Context 2

  3. Share Sessions from Fiddler Itself
  4. Once you have everything ready to share, click on the Share button on the top of the ribbon as shown below:

    Fiddler Everywhere Share Sessions 1

    A new screen opens up where you can put in the email ids of the people you want to share your work with as shown below:

    Fiddler Everywhere Share Sessions 2

    Instead of a .SAZ file, they will now get a notification using which they can open your saved session on their Fiddler instance.

    Fiddler Everywhere Share Sessions 3

    By following the above steps you can save yourself a lot of hassle of downloading and sharing .SAZ files via email. More importantly you will end up sharing a lot of context about your findings.

Who Can Collaboration Help?

The Fiddler team feels that the ability to add context and share can go a long way in impacting the work of many of our users. Hence, collaboration can be really helpful if:

  1. You are a Developer working on debugging an issue and wants to share your findings with your colleagues
  2. You are a Malware Analyst and cannot share .SAZ files over Email as they get quarantined
  3. You are a Consultant and want to save your work in separate customer folders with work history and session captures
  4. You are a QA Engineer who is testing an application and found some issues and want to share your findings with Development team

This is just the beginning and a number of features are being introduced to make Fiddler a truly team tool.

Want to learn more about Fiddler Everywhere and share your thoughts on the latest features? Be sure to let us know what you think at our Feedback Portal, and don’t forget to download a free trial of the latest version today,

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About the Author

Abhishek Tandon

Abhishek Tandon is a Principal Sales Engineer for Progress who specializes in DataRPM and Fiddler. He loves working on tools that have high business impact and has a keen eye for bridging the gap between technology and business.

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