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You can now codelessly enable users to view their appointments in an Agenda View with Telerik’s Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX. This new Q3 2013 functionality allows you to display appointments in a single table and features an extremely lightweight rendering and flawless support across all browsers – old and new. But don’t take my word for it, try it out on our online demo.

Scheduler Agenda View Preview

Key Capabilities

Here is what you can expect to get out of the box with RadScheduler’s Agenda View:

Customizing the Appearance

The Agenda View provides you with several properties for controlling the overall appearance of the control, thus giving you the flexibility to style it however you need. Using nothing but markup you can:

  • Show or hide the column headers (with the ShowColumnHeaders property).
  • Control the Width of the individual columns (using the ResourceColumnWidth, DateColumnWidth and TimeColumnWidth properties), or hide them altogether (ShowResourceHeaders, ShowDateHeaders).
  • Change the overall look and feel of the view using one of the predefined Skins, or creating a custom one.
  • Display a special icon inside the appointment to show its resource type using the ResourceMarkerType property. The property has three values – None, Block and Bar, and must be used in conjunction with the ResourceStyles section of RadScheduler.

Agenda View Resource Marker Types


Another way to customize the appearance of the Agenda View is through Grouping. Just like the other view types, the Agenda View supports grouping by Resource, as well as by Date and Resource in both Horizontal and Vertical orientation. It also offers a grouping capability designed specifically for this view and not present in the rest – you can set the GroupingDirection to Vertical without specifying a grouping resource. The result is a view in which the date headers are displayed as horizontal separators, under which the appointments for each day are displayed.

Scheduler Agenda View Groupings

PDF Export

With a few settings and the click of a button the user can print out a list of the appointments for a specified period – another highly requested feature.

Mobile Support

Due to its simple HTML and small footprint on the page, the Agenda View is perfect for use on a mobile device. The Vertical views offer a native look for use on narrow screens, and the Silk, Glow, MetroTouch and BlackMetroTouch skins provide the control with UI designed specifically to improve user experience on mobile and touch devices.

Give the Agenda View a Try

So if you haven’t tried out the new Agenda View yet, make sure to download from your account the BETA for the Q3 2013 release, or the TRIAL version if you’re not yet part of our big family of customers, and explore its many features. You can also always comment and share your ideas and thoughts.

Click to Download Q3 2013 Beta - Automatic Trial Installation

About the Author

Bozhidar Ivanchev

is a software developer at one of Telerik's ASP.NET AJAX teams, where he is mainly responsible for RadScheduler, RadTreeView and RadRibbonBar. He has been with the company since 2011 and ever since he has been working in the field of ASP.NET AJAX and client-side development. In his spare time he enjoys playing his guitar and drums, skiing and practicing other extreme sports.

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