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Data visualization is a growing business priority. Learn how to make your reports beautiful and tell stories that jump off the page compared to simple numbers and text from Excel.

Data can tell a powerful story, but for it to matter, it has to be viewed and understood. Data visualization is an increasingly sought after tool to tell these stories in business—Google Trends shows a 100% increase in search frequency for the term since 2010.

As people who take styling seriously, this isn’t news to us, and it’s probably not to you either. But if your reports aren’t as beautiful as they could be, it’s time to make a change. Reporting has the tools to let you customize visually striking styles that will ensure your reports stand out.

A Designer’s Dream—Finely-tuned, Reusable Styling

There’s nothing like painstakingly perfecting the look and feel of your report, constantly tweaking it until it really pops. However, that joy can quickly turn to pain when you realize you need to apply all those changes again to several or dozens of reports.

With Reporting, this is no problem. Using the built-in styling model, you can carefully cultivate all the elements of your report, from fonts and alignments to borders and colors, and then save the stylesheet as an XML file. This file can then be shared between your reports, instantly giving you a consistent design. If you need to make a change, just do it in the stylesheet, and all your reports are automatically updated.

Let Your Data Do the Styling for You

Your reports are jam packed with great data, but that data isn’t static—it’s ever changing, week over week and quarter over quarter. Why should your reports have a static style? When that sales goal gets hit, you want those red numbers to turn green as fast as humanly possible.

Data driven styling is a key component of Reporting. Conditional formatting allows you to develop a set of formatting rules, so that the style of your report changes with your data. The rules are implemented in the order you define them, and can include any number of styling options, from color to background to text style and more.

Learn More Tips to Design Beautiful Reports

Between granular stylesheets and data driven conditional styling, many users will find their needs are covered. But it’s our goal to provide you with many different options for styling your report just the way you want to. When you use Reporting, you get numerous options to take your reports above and beyond expectations. These also include:

  • Bindings: Go a step further with your data driven conditions and bind properties to data expressions to touch up both the style and the report layout
  • Report Themes: Let your customers throw up different styles on-demand with a combination of Bindings and Report Parameters
  • Stunning Report Viewers: Complete your report with a modern report viewer, with customizable industry leading themes available out of the box

All this and more will be yours with the right reporting software. Curious to learn more? Find out more about all the features in Reporting in our new whitepaper, "Beautiful Reporting, Style Reports Seamlessly and Entirely to Your Needs". You can also read more about Reporting here. If you want to learn how your whole application can shine as brightly as your reports, check out the full Telerik DevCraft suite.

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Petar Raykov is a Software Developer in the Telerik Reporting division. He has been working on Telerik products since 2010. Off work he enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and reading.

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