Beautiful Reporting

Style Reports Seamlessly and Entirely to Your Needs

Today’s businesses are constantly trying to optimize their operations and improve processes through reports as it is vital to have the most important information at the right time. However, Excel-like tables with numbers and text could be informative, but the most impact and value comes out of well structured, expressive and visually appealing dashboards. Google Trends shows about a 100% increase in search frequency for data visualization since 2010. How to make reporting as beautiful as possible has become a top priority.

Download Beautiful Reporting Whitepaper to discover the following:

  • Granular and Reusable Styling
  • Data Driven Styling — Data and Styles in Unison for Great Reports
  • Giving your customer control over the Report Theme
  • Importance of Report Viewers
  • and much more.

The report’s insights come straight from Peter Raykov – a Software Developer in our Reporting Division.

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Beautiful reporting Whitepaper