By design the progress indicator of the web report viewer is centered in the viewable area. However in some cases you might want to change its position (e.g. ReportViewer longer than a viewable page). To achieve that we would get the progress area through a few lines of javascript and change its position according to our needs:

<script type="text/javascript">     
            var viewer = <%=ReportViewer1.ClientID%>;    
            var waitDiv = document.getElementById("ReportViewer1_ReportArea_WaitControl");    
            var tcell = waitDiv.getElementsByTagName("TD")[0];    
   = "top";    
   = "left";    


A sample project showing this functionality is available in this code library article. For those of you who would also like to change the viewer's skin and progress indicator itself, please review Applying custom skin to the web report viewer code library.

Hope this helps!

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