For Q3 2013 we have bundled for you a great pack of exciting new additions to our RadControls for WPF and RadControls for Silverlight suites. As always, we tried to hear your voice and deliver what you’ve expected from us and a pinch of innovation. Here we’ll cover the most important additions but it would be best if you give a try to our new WPF and SL right away.


  • RadControls for WPF and Silverlight integration with EQATEC Application Analytics - RadControls for WPF and Silverlight are the first .NET UI suites on the market to come with a built-in application analytics service, powered by Telerik's EQATEC Application Analytics. Once you instrument your application, you will start gaining insights such as whether your application throws exceptions at run-time (and what the exact stack trace is), what features your users use the most, and on what system your application is being run on (such as OS version, .NET version, screen resolution, etc.), Thanks to this new analytics functionality, you can troubleshoot issues, fix errors before users report them, reduce support, and shape the application’s roadmap when it uses RadControls for WPF and Silverlight.
  • Coded UI test Level 2 and 3 for RadControls for WPF – We expanded the CodedUI test support level 2 and 3 for more controls from our WPF suite
  • Office 2013 theme - A result of numerous requests, the new Office 2013 theme will mimic the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2013. The new theme comes in 3 color variations: White, Light and Dark which will be easily switched to cover even greater number of user scenarios.
  • RadSpreadsheet is now official - In Q3 2013 the powerful tool for authoring and editing XLSX files is shipped in its official version

Features by Control


  • Smart labels – For charts that have many data points or data points with values close to one another, labels tend to collide with each other thus making readability a problem. The new SmartLabels feature automatically re-aligns labels making each labeled value stand out clearly.

  • StepLine/StepArea series - With the Q3 2013 release, RadChartView provides two new Series types – StepLineSeries and StepAreaSeries. The StepLineSeries uses a collection of points connected by continuous vertical and horizontal lines forming a step-like progression when rendered. StepLineSeries and StepAreaSeries effectively stress on the rise and fall of the values in data. Now that the RadChartView components provide native support for these series types, developers will be able to easily setup such charts and present data with minimum effort.


  • Control Panel - With this new feature developers can now define ControlPanelItems. Each ControlPanelItem allows the end user to update different configuration options related to RadGridView's settings.

  • Selection optimization – Deselecting the items become lightning fast.
  • NewRowPosition – This feature gives you the ability to make the newly inserted row visible and control its position.
  • Async Export – This brand new method allows you to export the data asynchronously.


  • Item selection in VisualizationLayer - In RadMap you can now select the shapes displayed within the visualization layer.
  • Support for specifying item ZIndex in VisualizationLayer - And there are even more features available within the VisualizationLayer – you can now explicitly specify the ZIndex property of each shape displayed within the layer.
  • Added support for user authentication - We added support for user authentication when downloading map tiles in WPF. The new TiledProvider.RequestCredentials property allows setting user credentials such as NetworkCredential, CredentialCache etc.
  • Extended WMSTiledProvider to support different types of WMS servers - The WMS tile provider has been extended to support existing versions of the WMS tile servers (1.3.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.0, 1.0.7, 1.0.0). We have added 2 new properties of the WmsTileProvider: Version and Projection to allow specifying the version of the WMS server and desired projection.


  • Queryable support - QueryableDataProvider is created to get the data from any collection that implements IQueryable interface. The main idea for creating this provider is to be used when the data source for RadPivotGrid is in database. With QueryableDataProvider all calculations and aggregations are executed on the database server. This way the whole collection of items is saved only on the server and not in the memory of the application. This makes QueryableDataProvider the preferred provider when you have a huge database with several thousands or millions of records.

  • CalculatedFields - If your data analysis requires results that are not available using just the data source fields and RadPivotGrid's built-in calculations, you can insert a calculated field that uses a custom formula to derive the results you need. A calculated field is a new data field in which the values are the result of a custom calculation formula.
  • CalculatedItems - A calculated item is a new item in a row or column field in which the values are the result of a custom calculation. In this case, the calculated item’s formula references one or more items in the same field. By using Calculated Items you are able to extend RadPivotGrid with additional items that are not part of the data source.


  • Table Styles gallery – We introduce the TableStylesGallery as a way to easily create, delete, modify and apply table styles in a document. The gallery initially loads all the table styles which are present in the document and a set of built-in styles.


  • Named Ranges - Names in the context of RadSpreadsheet's document model serve as variables. Each name can be assigned any value that can be stored in a cell: a number or text constant, a formula, or a cell reference. They are frequently used for referring to cell regions and thus are often called named range.


  • Special Slots – The Special Slots are added in order to highlight repetitive periods of time.

The detailed release notes for WPF and Silverlight will give you the full picture of everything new and improved. Do not forget our online demos for WPF and SL as well. You can also check everything new across the whole company during our Q3 2013 Webinar Week. Please feel free to share your feedback with us.
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