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It is a great pleasure for me to share an exciting news with you. As of today we are opening the source code of Bookvar mind mapping tool. You can find the source on Codeplex right next to other open source initiatives of ours, like Telerik MVC Extensions and CAB Enabling Kit for WinForms.

A few caveats about the source code

There are a few things that you need to know about the source code:

  • Most of the code was written when we were quite new to WPF and we were pioneering all those concepts. Looking back at that time I realize there are things that we would have definitely done better if we had the knowledge we have today.
  • MAF is used instead of MEF. MEF was not available back in the time, but we would like to see the add-in model based on MEF.
  • WF 3.0 is used for the updating process workflow. We would love to see a flowchart implementation with new WF 4.0 capabilities.

Still there are some true gems in the source code like: undo/redo, chat service, services based architecture and others.

Play time

Now go straight to the code and start exploring it. Share your thoughts on our forums and don’t be afraid to contribute.


As always we will end this with Bookvar’s mantra: Feel Free To Mind (and contribute).


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Paulina Tsolova

 is Brand Manager | ASP.NET

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