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    Using WCF for Silverlight Development with Telerik OpenAccess

    digg_url = "http://www.stephenforte.net/PermaLink,guid,e137f5a7-7bea-4722-9359-5f830d95e691.aspx";digg_title = "Using WCF for Silverlight Development with Telerik OpenAccess";digg_bgcolor = "#FFFFFF";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined; Microsoft’s Silverlight 3.0 is a great new platform for building line of business applications. With every new technology advancement, we always seem to lose something. With Silverlight we lose the dirt simple data access since Silverlight does not support System.Data.SQLClient and talking to a database directly. This forces us into a service oriented architecture and an asynchronous model. While this is definitely a best practice, it sometimes takes a little getting used to. With Silverlight we have to wrap up our data access layer into WCF services. (Or Astoria, RIA Services, or something similar.) It is also pretty standard to use some kind of ORM like the Entity Framework...
    August 19, 2009
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    LINQ To M Refresh

    If case you did not know, Telerik released LINQ to M a few weeks ago, enabling you to use a LINQ style interface with M values of data. Mehfuz and I have written blog posts where you can see how to use the basics.  There have been tremendous amounts of downloads and we have gotten tons of feedback. (Thanks, keep it coming!) One thing that stood out is that when you are building M values a lot of time you will have a named instance of your M code like this: 1: //People is the named "M" instance 2: People{ 3: {Id=1,Name="Stephen Forte",Age=37}, 4: {Id=2,Name="Mehfuz Hossain",Age=29}, 5: {Id=3,Name="Vassil Terziev",Age=31}, 6: {Id=4,Name="Nadia Terziev",Age=27}, 7: {Id=5,Name="Chris Sells",Age=37}, 8: {Id=6,Name="Todd Anglin",Age=27}, 9: {Id=7,Name="Joel Semeniuk",Age=37}, 10: {Id=8,Name="Richard...