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    Telerik OpenAccess Data Services Wizard December CTP Instruction Video

    Telerik released the December CTP of the Data Services Wizard earlier this week. Here is a video by .NET Ninja in training Peter Bahaa on using the wizard: Telerik OpenAccess Data Services Wizard December CTP from Stephen Forte on Vimeo. Technorati Tags: Telerik,OpenAccess
    December 09, 2009
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    Using OpenAccess and Telerik Reporting with SQL Azure Part II-Silverlight

    digg_url = "http://www.stephenforte.net/PermaLink,guid,e0f4b843-ed75-46b7-9fc5-8d788e3589c8.aspx";digg_title = "Using OpenAccess and Telerik Reporting with SQL Azure Part II-Silverlight";digg_bgcolor = "#FFFFFF";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined; Yesterday I showed how to use Telerik OpenAccess, Telerik Reporting, and SQL Azure to create reports and view them in ASP.NET. Today i will show how to view that same report in Silverlight using the industry’s first native Silverlight report viewer. All of this is in the Telerik documentation, however, since we have our cool SQL Azure demo already up and running from yesterday, I figured it would be fun to show how to reuse the same report and view it in Silverlight. Getting Started Remember from yesterday that we have three projects in our solution: Telerik.Reporting.DAL-the class library project containing our OpenAccess entities (mapped back to SQL Azure tables) Telerik.Reporting.RptLib-the class library project containing...
    December 02, 2009
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    Using OpenAccess and Telerik Reporting with SQL Azure

    digg_url = "http://www.stephenforte.net/PermaLink,guid,fcd86df8-7523-4c31-9015-b085548d0d3f.aspx";digg_title = "Using OpenAccess and Telerik Reporting with SQL Azure";digg_bgcolor = "#FFFFFF";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined; Telerik Reporting is a great reporting package. If you using it, you may be happy to know that you can use Telerik OpenAccess as a data source. Let’s take a look at how to use it with a SQL Azure Database as a back end. Getting Started First you need to map your SQL Azure tables to OpenAccess entities. I demonstrated this before on my blog, if you have not used OpenAccess and SQL Azure yet, read this post. (Don’t worry I’ll wait.) What I did for this demo is create a library project called Telerik.Reporting.DAL and mapped all of the Northwind tables in my SQL Azure database to OpenAccess entities in...
    December 01, 2009
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    Keeping a Product Launch Secret

    digg_url = "http://www.stephenforte.net/PermaLink,guid,6dc8d165-8853-45d1-8ff2-99306775262b.aspx";digg_title = "Keeping a Product Launch Secret";digg_bgcolor = "#FFFFFF";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined; Last week at PDC, Telerik launched a new product named JustCode. It was a stunning success since we had a lot of people show up for the launch and we gave away 1,000 free licenses at the event. Back in March at a planning meeting at Telerik HQ, we decided that we would embark on an Apple style “secret” strategy and go for the most buzz at launch. Back at that meeting in March we decided that secrecy, which goes against a lot of our values at Telerik, would be required for the most buzz at the launch. But keeping a secret is not easy in the world of Twitter,...
    November 23, 2009
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    PDC 2009: Come See Telerik Products at the MS SQL Server Area

    digg_url = "http://www.stephenforte.net/PermaLink,guid,5950eb9f-7dd8-40e5-9f8e-9828c90c85b7.aspx";digg_title = "PDC 2009: Come See Telerik Products at the MS SQL Server Area";digg_bgcolor = "#FFFFFF";digg_skin = "normal";digg_url = undefined;digg_title = undefined;digg_bgcolor = undefined;digg_skin = undefined; PDC is well underway and of course Telerik launched JustCode last night. It was fun walking around with the JustCode tee shirt on all day and duck tape over the CODE part. If you are at the PDC swing by the Microsoft SQL Server booth and take a look at two of our exciting new projects. Microsoft is highlighting both our OpenAccess Data Services Wizard and our LINQ to M implementation. See you at the Telerik booth, my sessions, or a party. :) Technorati Tags: PDC,JustCode
    November 18, 2009