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    Complete Office Inspired Apps with Telerik WPF Desktop Alert

    Telerik UI for WPF contains many ​great components that help you build awesome Office-inspired applications as our latest Excel, Word and Outlook -like Visual Studio templates illustrates. Now it is time to meet you with the newest addition to our suite: RadDesktopAlert.
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    Getting Started with GanttView - part 1

    Programming with the new GanttView control As many of you already know with Q1 2012 we introduced a RadGanttView for Silverlight and WPF - a control designed with MVVM-friendly API. In this blog post we will set-up a sample project with RadGanttView to get you started. First, to add RadGanttView to a new or existing application we need to add references to the following assemblies: Telerik.Windows.Controls Telerik.Windows.Controls.GanttView Telerik.Windows.Scheduling.Core Now, let’s add the telerik namespace: xmlns:telerik= Add add a sample definition of the control: <telerik:RadGanttView/> Here is a screenshot of what you should see after running the project:   Now, we will create a data source in our ViewModel and bind...
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    Create Special Slots in Telerik ScheduleView for WPF

    With the new SP1 release of Q3 2010 we added a new feature to RadScheduleView that helps you customize every slot in a different way. To do that you should create an instance of the Slot class, set its Start and  End  properties, the Resources property - with this property you can define in which resource column the slot will be displayed, and the RecurrencePattern property - with this property you can define whether the slot will be displayed for repeating days or events like Christmas, WeekendDays  and Birthdays. For example let's say that we have a schedule control and want to customize the days that...
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    Manage all Resources and Appointments data for RadScheduler for Silverlight using RIA Services.

    This blog post could be helpful for those who seek a way to store and retrieve all appointments information like Resources, TimeMarkers, Categories. It also provides a handy way to handle recurrence exceptions without any additional code. 1. Database design (This step can be avoided if a DataModel is initially created and then a database is generated from it). The key points that need to be taken into consideration when planning the database are: Where to save appointments Where to save recurrent appointments’ exceptions Where to save resources and how to relate them with appointments Here is the database schema used in...
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    WPF RadDocking Overview

    It’s been a while since the Q3 2009 release. Lots of controls have been added in our toolbox for WPF. One of them is considered as a final official release of RadDocking control for WPF. We have made a lot of improvements since the last release of the controls. For example each of the six themes included in the bundle now has different type of appearance when applied to a control. RadDocking is a fully customizable and skinnable control that enhances the power of a layout system. It is providing you with a docking system like the one in Microsoft Visual Studio. You are getting the dockable ToolWindows, a hidden DockingManager control, and a designer to easily create attractive layouts. It is good to mention that the WPF RadDocking code is absolutely compatible with its Silverlight counterpart.
    December 07, 2009