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    Multiple Resources, Resource Grouping and TimeLineView in Telerik Scheduler for SL/WPF

    Once again we kept our promise and we are happy to introduce to you the Resource Grouping of Telerik Scheduler for Silverlight and WPF - the most requested feature for this control.   Multiple Resources, Resource Grouping,new design of Edit Appointment dialog and TimeLineView are the new features coming with Beta1 release due in the second half of this month.   Here are a few screenshots on the upcoming new features:     Stay tuned to see what else we have prepared for you in the upcoming Beta release!
    September 10, 2009
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    Mark working hours and days in different colors with RadScheduler for Silverlight

    We received a couple of questions on how some of the days and hours in the different views of RadScheduler can be customized. The answer of this question is in the attached application illustrating how working hours and days can be  marked in orange.  The solution includes 3 easy steps : Create a custom theme using the default RadScheduler' theme. Create a ValueConverter returning the right color depending on the hour/day. Find the style applied to every hour(timeslot) and apply the converter to the Background property. To create a custom theme you can follow the steps...
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    Drag and drop items onto RadScheduler for Silverlight

    We all are aware that users tend to look for the easiest and most rational way to do something. That is why developers always strive to create their products' interface as intuitive as possible. Speaking in this context, dragging and dropping helps us improve user experience significantly and make end users happier. In this blog post I will explain how we can use RadDragAndDrop to enable users drag items from a certain control and drop them over RadScheduler, while notifying about that. Of course, the described scenario could be extended to act in many different scenarios. Let us say we will drag items from a listbox to...
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    How to apply different templates to different appointments of Telerik Scheduler for WPF/Silverlight.

    In the upcoming Q2 release RadScheduler  will include a new property called AppointmentTemplateSelector. This property will be included in both  Silverlight and WPF versions of the control. Using it,  you will be able to easily apply different DataTemplate  to the appointments by any custom condition. All you need to do is to create a custom class inheriting from the  DataTemplateSelector class and override the SelectTemplate method.   For...