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    Getting Started with GanttView - part 1

    Programming with the new GanttView control As many of you already know with Q1 2012 we introduced a RadGanttView for Silverlight and WPF - a control designed with MVVM-friendly API. In this blog post we will set-up a sample project with RadGanttView to get you started. First, to add RadGanttView to a new or existing application we need to add references to the following assemblies: Telerik.Windows.Controls Telerik.Windows.Controls.GanttView Telerik.Windows.Scheduling.Core Now, let’s add the telerik namespace: xmlns:telerik= Add add a sample definition of the control: <telerik:RadGanttView/> Here is a screenshot of what you should see after running the project:   Now, we will create a data source in our ViewModel and bind...
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    Create Special Slots in Telerik ScheduleView for WPF

    With the new SP1 release of Q3 2010 we added a new feature to RadScheduleView that helps you customize every slot in a different way. To do that you should create an instance of the Slot class, set its Start and  End  properties, the Resources property - with this property you can define in which resource column the slot will be displayed, and the RecurrencePattern property - with this property you can define whether the slot will be displayed for repeating days or events like Christmas, WeekendDays  and Birthdays. For example let's say that we have a schedule control and want to customize the days that...
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    Manage all Resources and Appointments data for RadScheduler for Silverlight using RIA Services.

    This blog post could be helpful for those who seek a way to store and retrieve all appointments information like Resources, TimeMarkers, Categories. It also provides a handy way to handle recurrence exceptions without any additional code. 1. Database design (This step can be avoided if a DataModel is initially created and then a database is generated from it). The key points that need to be taken into consideration when planning the database are: Where to save appointments Where to save recurrent appointments’ exceptions Where to save resources and how to relate them with appointments Here is the database schema used in...
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    WPF RadDocking Overview

    It’s been a while since the Q3 2009 release. Lots of controls have been added in our toolbox for WPF. One of them is considered as a final official release of RadDocking control for WPF. We have made a lot of improvements since the last release of the controls. For example each of the six themes included in the bundle now has different type of appearance when applied to a control. RadDocking is a fully customizable and skinnable control that enhances the power of a layout system. It is providing you with a docking system like the one in Microsoft Visual Studio. You are getting the dockable ToolWindows, a hidden DockingManager control, and a designer to easily create attractive layouts. It is good to mention that the WPF RadDocking code is absolutely compatible with its Silverlight counterpart.
    December 07, 2009
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    Multiple Resources, Resource Grouping and TimeLineView in Telerik Scheduler for SL/WPF

    Once again we kept our promise and we are happy to introduce to you the Resource Grouping of Telerik Scheduler for Silverlight and WPF - the most requested feature for this control.   Multiple Resources, Resource Grouping,new design of Edit Appointment dialog and TimeLineView are the new features coming with Beta1 release due in the second half of this month.   Here are a few screenshots on the upcoming new features:     Stay tuned to see what else we have prepared for you in the upcoming Beta release!
    September 10, 2009