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    30 Agile Myths Busted!

    “We can’t try that Agile thing here, we need to have <fill in the blank>” Does that sound familiar? That is just one variation of the many Agile Myths that I hear from people all over the world who are working to bring agile processes into their organization. Migrating to agile can be hard. Fighting FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) that is based on incorrect assumptions and misunderstanding can make the process that much more difficult. Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource that collects the most popular agile myths, lines them up, and knocks them down one by one?...
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    Localization of the TeamPulse Ideas & Feedback Portal

    With the 2012 R2 Release, localization of the Ideas and Feedback Portal is as easy as editing a text file!  Background Localization is the process of changing the text in an application to another language, or locale.  Well designed applications allow for changing the text that is displayed without having to branch the source code and recompile, and TeamPulse certainly falls into this category.  Built on Microsoft’s .NET Platform, TeamPulse takes full advantage of the localization features provided by the .NET Framework, allowing you to customize the Ideas and Feedback portal to the language that best meets your needs. Based on our customers’...
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    The Import Project from TFS Wizard in TeamPulse

    “Click-Click-Click-Done” That’s how Joel Semeniuk, Executive VP of Agile Project Management at Telerik, defined “done” for our TeamPulse integration with the Team Foundation Server. Last Thursday we released the Service Pack to our R2 Release and it is exclusively focused on the integration with TFS. To meet Joel’s requirements, we created the Import Project from TFS wizard. The new Import Project from TFS wizard can be launched as soon as you start TeamPulse. And here is how the integration goes step by step. Select a Project Once the connection to your server is established, you can decide which project to import ...
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    Come to the Agile Buffet Table to Fill Your Plate

    We decided to try a brand new concept for the next Agile Q&A Panel. It is called the Agile Buffet Table and will be held on May 24th, Thursday. The topic of the webinar will evolve around the fact that you don’t need to follow all agile principles per se.
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    [Podcast] Agile Q&A Panel - Part 2 with Joel Semeniuk and Steve Porter

    Listen to Part 2 of our Agile Q&A Panel with my guests Steve Porter and Joel Semeniuk.