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    [Free eBook] Top 30 Agile Myths – True or False?

    In the 11 years since the Agile Manifesto was created, the adoption of agile concepts has continued to grow. The number of agile user groups, conferences, and books is a strong indication that more and more people are at least exploring the idea, if not working to improve their adoption and execution. This growth has been so significant that Gartner has declared that “agile is now mainstream”. Along with this growth in adoption and exploration of agile, the number of myths surrounding agile has grown as well. To help us go deeper and get a better understanding of the principles...
    August 08, 2012
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    “Top 30 Agile Myths Busted!” – Get Your Free Copy Now

    Our team of Agile consultants has always been excited to explore agile from different perspectives. This time we decided to look into the 30 most popular agile myths and demystify them.
    August 02, 2012
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    The Importance of Social Interaction on Software Projects

    Have you ever played the “Telephone Game”? The way it works is simple. Line everyone up, and say a phrase to the first person. That person (and each person in turn) repeats that phrase from memory to the next person in line. When the last person gets the phrase, he/she compares it to the original phrase. Almost every time, what comes out the other end is fairly mangled. Take the same group of people, and have them form a circle. Stand in the middle of the circle, and say the same phrase. Now have each of the people repeat the ...
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    [Podcast] Transitioning to Agile with Ted Neward, Jessica Kerr, and Glenn Block

    In this episode we continue the discussion with Ted, Jessica, and Glenn while at the CodeMash conference in Sandusky, Ohio, and it’s all about transitioning to agile. How do you get organizational buy in? What are the agile anti-patterns that make agile projects fail? How does an individual get started with agile, including agile software engineering? Additional resources: Bug Tracking in TeamPulse Listen to our previous talk on TDD, BDD, And All of the other DD’s About the guests: Ted Neward Ted is an Architectural Consultant with Neudesic, LLC. He lives out of a suitcase, travels with four laptops, ...
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    [Video Case Study] TeamPulse helps Imaginet transform ideas into reality

    Imaginet’s Development Practice Manager, Aaron Kowall explains how TeamPulse helped his team manage their projects and transform ideas into great products. Experience the difference for yourself.  Try TeamPulse Now Philip Japikse Microsoft MVP, Agile Practices Evangelist at Telerik @skimedic