That’s how Joel Semeniuk, Executive VP of Agile Project Management at Telerik, defined “done” for our TeamPulse integration with the Team Foundation Server.

Last Thursday we released the Service Pack to our R2 Release and it is exclusively focused on the integration with TFS. To meet Joel’s requirements, we created the Import Project from TFS wizard.

The new Import Project from TFS wizard can be launched as soon as you start TeamPulse. And here is how the integration goes step by step.

Select a Project

Once the connection to your server is established, you can decide which project to import by choosing from your Project List collection.

You can find useful tips on the right side of the wizard throughout the whole integration process. They will assist you set up the integration in no time.

Edit Project’s Info

Once the project is selected you can edit its name, add a description, and set the project goals.


Map your TFS work item types with the TeamPulse entity types

The next step allows you to map your TFS work item types with the TeamPulse entity types. Just drag & drop.


Set Default Values and Value Mappings & Configure Field Mappings between TeamPulse and TFS

You need to confirm the fields you would like to sync between TeamPulse and TFS. Standard mappings are added by default, but you can modify them or add more. If the standard mappings are all you need, continue to the next step.

Import all Areas and Interations from TFS

The TFS sync automatically imports all Areas and Iterations from TFS into TeamPulse. And you can choose current iteration, set its start date and duration. All other will be automatically given dates based on the current iteration start date and default iteration length that you provide.


Select Team Members

After that you can select which team members of yours are granted access to your projects.


Confirm Settings

Confirm the synchronization options and click Next.


And Finish

The board sums up what actions you have taken and how they affect your TeamPulse projects. If necessary you can go back and edit the settings. When ready, click Finish to complete the integration.


Did you find this blog post useful? Here is a 60-sec video of the integration that you can also refer to when setting up your integration between TeamPulse and Microsoft TFS. 

Would you like to try the Import Projects from TFS wizard? Get a trial now.

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Phil Japikse

is an international speaker, a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, INETA Community Champion, MCSD, CSM/ CSP, and a passionate member of the developer community. Phil has been working with .Net since the first betas, developing software for over 20 years, and heavily involved in the agile community since 2005. Phil also hosts the Hallway Conversations podcast (www.hallwayconversations.com) and serves as the Lead Director for the Cincinnati .Net User’s Group (http://www.cinnug.org). You can follow Phil on twitter via www.twitter.com/skimedic, or read his personal blog at www.skimedic.com/blog.



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