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    Get Started with ASP.Net AJAX Controls: Project Introduction and Navigation

    In order to introduce ASP.Net developers who may have spent more time with MVC or have not used the ASP.Net AJAX controls from Telerik, we are going to document the creation of a sample project for developers, by developers. This blog series will have significant code content and lots of downloadable code samples.
    December 28, 2012
  • .NET Mobile

    Get Started: Creating My First Working ASP.NET AJAX RadControls Application

    My name is Jeffrey T. Fritz, and I am a developer who has been working with Asp.Net since the 1.0 days of 2002. I’ve built web applications of all sizes for all form factors, and included localization features in those applications. As an experienced developer, I’m also a rookie with Telerik’s ASP.Net AJAX controls. To assist other who might be in a similar situation, I’m going to write a series of posts here that share my experiences in getting started with the ASP.Net AJAX controls. I’ve primarily used the default controls that Microsoft distributes with Visual Studio, and thought to myself that using these controls would be a similar experience. Please understand, I’m a developer who starts coding first, and reads product documentation later. You should see how I assemble IKEA furniture...
    December 11, 2012