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    Easily add social networks buttons with RadSocialShare for ASP.NET AJAX

    Sharing on social networks has become a very powerful tool to make your website popular and to boost its traffic. We have made it easy to allow people to share content on social networks and via email by creating the new RadSocialShare control for ASP.NET AJAX. The control will officially be available in the Q3 2011 release later this month, but you can test drive it now in the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2011 BETA. Main features: Allows sharing the current page or a custom URL on different social networks. You can easily customize the sharing content –...
    November 04, 2011

    A closer look at the new RadNotification control in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX

    Have you ever searched for a quick and simple way to notify your users that something new is going on? Or just to show them some status message upon specific condition or time interval? This is now pretty easy to achieve with the new RadNotification control which joins RadControls for ASP NET AJAX suite in the Q2 2011 release! Until now, you could achieve the same effect by using some popup in multiple approaches but you will always need to add a timer, load on demand code, server script or something else, depending on the exact requirements and that is why...
    July 27, 2011

    TelerikSPRadGrid Q2 2011 New Features and Improvements

    The Q2 2011 release is already in sight and bringing along some new features and fair improvements for the TelerikSPRadGrid Web Part. Faster Data-Binding to SharePoint Lists SPRadGrid’s data-binding to SharePoint Lists has been completely reworked to take advantage of the Dynamic Linq library and the SharePoint Collaborative Markup Language. SPRadGrid’s filtering and sorting expressions are now converted into CAML queries to produce quicker data retrieval whereas the paging operations have been re-tailored along the lines of RadGrid’s custom paging so that no uncalled-for data is pulled from the underlying data store. All of this call-up information is used to produce...
    July 11, 2011
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    RadTreeList Visual Studio designer in Q2'11 ASP.NET AJAX

    It is my pleasure to present you the brand new Visual Studio designer for RadTreeList control, which is available in Q2 2011 RadTreeList smart tag First of all RadTreeList provides a convenient access to frequently used properties through its Smart Tag in Visual Studio: The smart tag lets you: Bind the RadTreeList by setting its data source control Enable/disable paging and sorting functionality Enable/disable client side selection Create RadTreeList columns collection Open the advanced editor
    July 06, 2011

    Using the RadFileExplorer for ASP.NET AJAX in SharePoint 2010 web parts

    This blog post will show how to integrate the RadFileExplorer control for ASP.NET AJAX to work with SharePoint 2010 libraries. If you need a version for MOSS 2007, take a look at this earlier post. By default, the control interfaces with a virtual folder in your web application and allows you to do all kinds of file/folder operations (create new folders, upload/move/delete/rename items, preview, etc.). The default behavior of the control is limited to virtual folders that can be mapped to physical locations on the server's drives. SharePoint web applications use libraries to store documents/images and these libraries are only available from the SharePoint...