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    Using the Resize and Drag extender built into the ASP.NET AJAX controls

    The development for both desktop and mobile browsers has always been a difficult task, often an impossible one. To ease the process, we have prepared a couple of extenders, thus delivering to the developers unified methods to implement solutions for the mobile web platforms. In addition to the previously introduced TouchScrollExtender in Q3 2010, we present to you another member of the family. The ResizeExtender is a small client-side only control that enables resize and drag functionality on an HTML element in all browsers regardless if they are desktop or mobile (except the browsers that lack the needed desktop or touch events...
    April 14, 2011

    How to enable keyboard support in the RadFileExplorer for ASP.NET AJAX

    With the newest version already out, I am happy to present you the latest accessibility improvements of our RadFileExplorer control from the ASP.NET AJAX suite. Now, you don't need the mouse to delete a folder or open a file! Simply focus the FileExplorer, navigate to the grid or treeview using the [Shift+]Tab key, select the desired folder with the Arrow keys and press Delete. A popup dialog asks you to confirm the deletion. Hit Enter to delete, or Esc to cancel.       This was just an example of a common scenario, that could be carried out using the keyboard only. We have ensured that any use case...
    March 24, 2011
  • Release

    Aggregates for RadTreeList in AJAX Q1 2011

    I want to introduce you another cool feature for the RadTreeList which is available into the new Q1 2011 release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. With the new version the RadTreeList provides functionality for displaying summaries/results from aggregates in the footer item. The type of this footer item is TreeListFooterItem. To enable this functionality merely set the ShowFooter property of the respective RadTreeList instance to true (its default value is false). The TreeListFooterItem is most commonly used to visualize calculations from aggregate functions within the scope of the current level: In order to specify how the aggregates will be evaluated, specify in every RadTreeList column which have the Aggregate property one of the option...
    March 18, 2011
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    New RadMonthYearPicker control in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2011

    Hi all, My name is Radoslav Kirilov and I am developer at one of Telerik's ASP.NET teams. I want to introduce you the new RadMonthYearPicker control which is available in the new Q1 2011 release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. RadMonthYearPicker is a flexible component that allows the user to select month and year and to display that month/year in the specified format and culture. RadMonthYearPicker is a part of the RadCalendar suite and it has most of the properties introduced into the RadDatePicker. Below are listed the most important of them: MinDate, MaxDate - the control will not accept dates beyond the specified range. DisplayDateFormat - Customize the display month/year...
    March 17, 2011

    Editing for RadTreeList for ASP.NET AJAX

    It's Q1 2011 release time for the Telerik Personal Productivity product line and we, the guys from the ASP.NET AJAX team are excited to share news of improvement, new functionality and a brand new control added to the arsenal of the Telerik AJAX developer. In this blog post, I want to talk about some major functionality one of the new players in the AJAX control suite now sports - editing for RadTreeList. RadTreeList for ASP.NET AJAX was introduced last quarter (Q3 2010) and enabled hierarchical visualization of a single tabular data set. As a databound tabular control, it is naturally compared to RadGrid, and not only because both look visually alike. As...
    March 16, 2011