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    RadRibbonBar for ASP.NET AJAX arrives in Q1 2011

    As some of you may have already seen in our roadmap, we are about to release a brand new AJAX RadRibbonBar control with Q1 2011. In fact, we released a Q1 2011 beta with a preview of this control and live demos almost a week ago. I will describe here what the control looks like, does and will do in the final release. Some forewords,or the importance of the KISS principle We all know that Microsoft's Ribbon control is quite complex and requires its rendering to be flexible to allow execution of its resizing features and overall presentation. This is the reason...
    March 02, 2011
  • People Accessibility

    Accessibility support in RadEditor for ASP.NET AJAX

    One of the major goals for our AJAX RadEditor control is to provide an accessible content creation experience. For us, this task is divided into two major categories - having an accessible editor UI and helping the end user produce accessible content. With the Q3 2010 release, we made improvements to both and I want to share the results with you.  The first major improvement is the new AccessibleRadEditor control. It is a stripped down version of the full featured RadEditor and has a simpler toolbar to allow easy navigation using only the keyboard. All tools have assigned shortcuts and even the...
    November 18, 2010
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    Introducing the TouchScrollExtender in Q3 2010

    As most of you already know (at least those that have been using Mobile Safari lately), scrolling containers support in Mobile Safari is kind of limited. They are rendered with overflow: hidden and with no scrollbars and can only be scrolled with a two finger swipe gesture. Since several of our controls happen to use such scrollbars for scrolling, we set out to create a small extender that can take care of this issue more or less gracefully. Meet the TouchScrollExtender The TouchScrollExtender is a small self-sustained client-only control that depends only on core.js and the built-in jQuery in RadControls for ASP.NET...
    November 17, 2010
  • Release

    New Release, New Sample Application, New Skin!

    With Q3 2010 release the WebForms team adds one more to the family of demos built to show you best practices with RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. Let me introduce you the "Rent a Car" sample application: Take a look at and download it to see how to implement new functional features around RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and how easy is to integrate them with Telerik OpenAccess ORM. Those of you who are familiar with our skins will notice that the skin used is not a built-in. The goal was to see the custom skinning approach with our controls. In our previous...
    November 16, 2010
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    TelerikSPRadGrid Web Part for SharePoint 2010’s Improvements

    With SharePoint 2010’s popularity on the rise, TelerikSPRadGrid Web Part has also gained a major boost in terms of nice features and functionality. Our SP 2010 grid web part has been extended with a new structure-and-data designer that makes it possible to display and manipulate a hierarchy of data coming from tables lying on SQL Server databases and SharePoint lists. Thus, the TelerikSPRadGrid Web Part now provides at the hand of developers a complete solution when it comes to operate with data supplied from the two most popular data storages used with SharePoint 2010. And here is how to take advantage of...
    November 02, 2010