• Cloud Mobile

    Backend Services April release: Expand for relations and Data Connectors

    If you think that March was an exciting month for the Telerik Platform with the introduction of Windows Phone 8 support, CLI and Sublime integration for AppBuilder, you should prepare yourself for what’s coming in April. We are starting the month with a set of improvements coming to our Backend Services that include Support for Expanding relational data and Data Connectors to MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL as private beta.
  • Cloud Mobile

    Announcing Telerik Everlive, mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) from Telerik

    Today we are excited to officially announce an important addition to Telerik’s mobile offering: Telerik Everlive, our new backend as a service (BaaS). Built to tightly integrate with Telerik products (as well as non-Telerik products), Everlive closes the loop for Telerik customers looking to take their mobile strategy to the next level.
    October 22, 2013
  • Cloud Mobile

    Introducing Push Notifications services: Push for hybrid apps made easy

    I am glad to announce that Icenium Everlive now supports the ability to send push notifications to iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Using Everlive for push notifications removes the complexity of integrating with multiple notification services and gives you an easy to use client SDKs. Push notifications are a convenient way to drive customers back to your app and increase the overall engagement and satisfaction of your app. They can be used for notifying your users for marketing campaigns, promotions, reminders or chat message alerts. You can send any type of data you want to your app and process it on the device in any way you want even if your app is not currently running.
  • Cloud Mobile

    Introducing authentication with Facebook, Google, and LiveID to Icenium Everlive

    With the growing popularity of social networks, more and more mobile apps offer you the ability to login with your social account. Clients love it because of the simplicity if offers. As a developer this is a feature you expect from your BaaS vendor instead of crafting your own user management system.
  • .NET

    Navigation for CoverFlow

    The Silverlight team decided to remove the ScrollBar control that used to be part of CoverFlow's control template. One of the reasons behind this decision is the easiness by which you can now, using Silverlight 3 element binding, create your own navigation. To learn more about all changes introduced by the beta version check my previous blog post here. This article explains in details how to create your own navigation using a range control, e.g. one that inherits from the RangeBase class. The first thing we need to do is to declare a CoverFlow control with some items in a straight-forward...
    October 06, 2009