Today we are excited to officially announce an important addition to Telerik’s mobile offering: Telerik Everlive, our new backend as a service (BaaS).  Built to tightly integrate with Telerik products (as well as non-Telerik products), Everlive closes the loop for Telerik customers looking to take their mobile strategy to the next level. 

With Everlive, we are enabling you to provide your customers with a seamless and connected experience across all their devices, whether you’re a small dev shop building apps for consumers or an enterprise-grade team ensuring that your employees have unhindered round-the-clock access to critical business information. 

Telerik Everlive integrations include:

  • Icenium: Telerik’s cross-platform, mobile development tool. With Icenium & Everlive integration you can add a backend to your app with a just a few clicks.
  • Sitefinity:  Telerik’s premium Content Management System. Build a fully functional website that connects to your mobile backend data via Everlive.
  • Windows Phone Cloud Controls: Everlive enables you to build apps that function both off- and online with 11 cloud controls to choose from.
  • Kendo UI:  Telerik’s jQuery powered, HTML5 and JavaScript framework. Everlive effortlessly connects your HTML5 app’s web or mobile frontend to a cloud backend.

For those of you not using Telerik products, Everlive provides the same seamless integration and back-end management for non-Telerik technologies; you are free to consume as few or as many Everlive services as you please. For example, if you’d like to use only push notifications from Everlive, you are not bound to using Everlive for all your other mobile backend needs, although we’d love if you did use it! But, we believe in giving you choice, so you are free to use as many, or as few, Everlive backend services as you’d like.

Either way, Everlive makes your mobile app development faster, easier, and more scalable. Its services include: data storage; user management; push notifications email and SMS notifications; as well as, integration with social networks—all manageable from a single user-friendly portal.

Here’s a video covering the Everlive’s highlights:

Try Telerik Everlive today

Staying true to our roots – the developers, we are giving away for free a Developer Edition for everybody who signs up with the following limits

  • 10,000 push notifications
  • 100MB of database storage
  • 1GB of file storage
  • 5 GB of bandwidth
  • Forum support
  • Basic user management
  • Unlimited email messages

Premium editions are also available and specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Startup, Business, or Enterprise

Stay tuned to our blog as we’ll be rolling out more details on integration stories, how to make the most of Everlive, and more.  In the meantime, we hope you will try it out and let us know what you think!

Hristo Borisov

About the Author

Hristo Borisov

Hristo Borisov (@hristoborisov) is currently a product line manager in Telerik leading all cloud technologies part of the Telerik Platform after spending more than 6 years with the company. A passionate advocate of applying lean startup practices to existing organizations, Hristo is on the quest for discovering scalable and sustainable business models through product and customer development using tools like MVPs, Pivots, and Lean Business Model Canvases.


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