Sample WPF Applications

Built With UI for WPF


Create powerful, responsive and scalable line-of-business and enterprise applications. No matter how much data you're dealing with, vivid, interactive UI does not come at the cost of performance. With Telerik® UI for WPF, you get only the best in variety, scope and design so you can create applications that impress end-users and executives alike.


Outlook-Inspired Application

A functional Outlook-Inspired sample application mimics the look, feel and behavior of Microsoft Outlook combining both the email and calendar functionalities. The sample app covers one of the most common application scenarios WPF developers face.

CRM Application for WPF

CRM Application

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sample application showcases a beautiful UI and real-time responsiveness while handling huge sets of data. The CRM application allows for convenient data visualization of contacts, opportunities and activities used in day-to-day activities of any sales team. This powerful application employs the following WPF UI controls:

Sales Manager Dashboard

Get the sales breakdown across products, countries and financial periods. Windows 8 UI theming and real-time customization ensure end-user value for any sales team. The Sales Manager Dashboard sample application was built with the following Telerik WPF controls:

Executive Dashboard

Follow sales trends across products, countries and quarters. Represent data in a convenient and user friendly way with Windows 8 theming and real-time customization. The following WPF UI controls were used to build the Executive Dashboard sample application: