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.NET 6 Support

With Microsoft’s official .NET 6 release just around the corner, we’ve geared up with support for the latest preview of .NET 6. 

Support for .NET 6 example with Telerik UI for WPF NavigationView

New Component: Badge Control

This control enables you to alert users and provide additional information about notifications, updates, changes, new messages, errors and more.

The Telerik UI for WPF Badge control allows you to create your own badges or use the predefined ones—whichever you choose, the control gives you full flexibility to adjust the notification icons to the overall look and feel of your application.

Some of the control’s key features include:

  • Position: The control allows you to specify its position relative to the element it’s attached to.
  • Badge Types: You can choose between various predefined badge types. Also, you have the option to apply a custom geometry to the control if none of the predefined types works for you.
  • Animation: You can choose whether to have an Animation while displaying the badge.
  • Flexible Customization: Allows you to change the Background, Geometry, BorderBrush and more.

    Documentation of the Telerik UI for WPF Badge Control 

WPF badge control overview

New Component: ExpressionParser

The new Telerik ExpressionParser allows you to benefit from the ExpressionEditor’s parser functionality without the ExpressionEditor control.  

The following methods can be used to parse expressions: 

  • LambdaExpression Parse(string expression) 

  • ParseAsync(string expression) 

  • ParseAsync(string expression, CancellationToken cancellationToken) 

  • TryParse(string expression, out LambdaExpression lambda) 


Telerik ExpressionParser for WPF in Action

New Office 2019 High Contrast Theme

R3 2021 brings support for the 2019 Office High Contrast theme. It’s been a year since we introduced the Office 2019 theme with its Light, Gray and Dark built-in color variations. This time around, we’re adding the Office-inspired High Contrast theme variation. It uses a limited color palette with contrasting colors to make an interface less taxing on the eyes. It’s a lifesaver for users with photosensitivity, sensitive eyes, and generally for anyone who spends long hours in front of a screen. The new UI for WPF suite’s High Contrast theme is based on the Windows High Contrast Black variation.  

Telerik UI for WPF Office 2019 High Contrast Theme Overview

Support for Visual Studio 2022 in Telerik UI for WPF

As part of our commitment to supporting your development needs, with R3 2021 we’ve introduced Visual Studio 2022 support to enable you to take advantage of all the benefits that this new version offers.

For more information visit the Telerik UI for WPF VS Documentation 

WPF Design Time: Support for Suggested Actions

With the previous release, we added support for Suggested Actions in the XAML Designer for some of the controls. With this release, all controls from the Telerik UI for WPF suite now support suggested actions. Once enabled, the feature saves you time and effort by allowing you to click on a supported control and use the lightbulb to expand and interact with the Suggested Actions UI. 

Support for suggested actions in WPF Design Time

RichTextBox: Support for Non-Breaking Spaces

The Telerik UI for WPF RichTextBox now supports non-breaking spaces, making more MS Word-like functionality accessible to your users. This handy feature improves readability by allowing specific adjacent words to appear on the same line. 

Non-breaking spaces is a standard Word feature that doesn’t allow the UI to break the line at a hyphen or space. In this way, spans separated with non-breaking spaces are always kept on the same line and transferred together on the next line if needed. It’s useful for content like numbers with signs so they can stick together, enhancing the reading experience. 

This feature is also used in HTML to define more consecutive spaces. If regular spaces are used, then they are collapsed and only one space is shown in the UI. With non-breaking spaces, each space is rendered. 

Documentation of the Telerik UI for WPF RichTextBox

Support for non-breaking spaces in Telerik UI for WPF RichTextBox

RichTextBox: Support for @mentions

The RichTextBox now supports another MS Word-inspired functionality: @mentions. Users can leverage this feature to tag key stakeholders in comments and in messages so no new information slips through the cracks and workflows are more streamlined. Once the “@” character is typed, a drop-down list of username suggestions appears. By continuing to type, the control will filter out the available username options.

Documentation of the Telerik UI for WPF RichTextBox

Support for @mentions in Telerik UI for WPF RichTextBox

ChartView: Support for BoxPlot Series Type

The Telerik UI for WPF’s ChartView now supports Box Plot series type! As the name suggests, this way of depicting data utilizes a plot with a box in the middle and shows groups of numerical data through their quartiles. The ChartView component now enables you to visualize each data point through a five-way segmented visual: minimum, maximum, lower quartile, upper quartile and median, which makes the data a lot more comprehensible.

Documentation of the Telerik UI for WPF ChartView BoxPlot Series 

BoxPlot series type support in the Telerik UI for WPF ChartView

WordsProcessing: Replace Text with Other Document Elements

Telerik UI for WPF WordsProcessing gets a new feature, making it possible to replace text with other document elements. You can now replace text with a single or multiple inlines, a paragraph, table or multiple paragraphs and tables.  

Documentation of the Telerik UI for WPF WordsProcessing Library

PdfProcessing and PdfViewer: Support for Handling Documents with Invalid Cross-Reference Table Start Index

We’ve improved the UI for WPF PdfProcessing library and PdfViewer performance by adding the ability to handle documents with invalid cross-reference table start index. The previous implementation relied on valid cross-reference offsets in the PDF documents, however, there are various software systems that don’t always generate perfectly compliant PDFs. Instead of receiving an error, we’ve introduced a seamless solution that makes things easier. 

Spreadsheet and SpreadProcessing: Support for XLSM

The WPF Spreadsheet and SpreadProcessing Library now support working with XLSM files. In addition to XLSX, XLS, CSV, TXT and PDF, we’ve added support for XLSM files without working with macros. Macros won’t be stripped from your file; however, they won’t be active in applications.  

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