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Separate Excel Worksheets in Report Server

The export functionality can now generate separate Excel worksheets based on the page breaks in the report definition. A dedicated device info setting named SplitWorksheetOnPageBreakturns on this functionality. It works similarly to the so-called “soft page breaks.” The report authors can apply it to place different report sections or table groups in separate worksheets. 

Separate Excel Worksheets

Built-in User Onboarding Experience in Web Report Designer

The report authors can now start using the Web Report Designer even easier with a built-in onboarding experience. When a user launches the designer for the first time, this onboarding experience will highlight the main tools  and what each of their purposes are.  The end-users will get used to the designer and the report authoring process in an accelerated manner. 

Built-in user onboarding in Web Report Designer

Table Row & Column Now Handles on the Table Designer of the Web Report Designer

We improved the report authoring experience when editing a Table or Crosstab item in the Web Report Designer by introducing convenient handles that allow the selection of a whole row or column. The handles also allow executing all the actions exposed on the table, e.g., inserting or deleting a column or adding a table group. 

Table Row & Column Now Handles on the Table Designer of the Web Report Designer

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