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Web-Based Report Designer Improvements

The Web Report Designer, integrated as an optional feature in the Report Server, is now ready-to-use in all common and multiple advanced user scenarios and has been enhanced with the following new features:

  • Add full ObjectDataSource support to consume server-side business objects data. There is a Wizard tool to set it up flawlessly.
  • Report definitions can now be uploaded from local files to your reports’ repository. The opposite is enabled as well, so you may download a server-side report definition to a local file.
  • Multiple property editors received improvements and fixes.
  • Add Bring to front / Send to back commands.


Web-Based Report Designer Improvements

Remain the Report Service Session Alive While the WPF/WinForms/Web-Based Report Viewer is Open

The UX when previewing reports has been improved with keep-alive functionality. The client-side preview will ensure that the server-side assets of the rendered reports are preserved while the web page of the report preview is not closed.

Remain the Report Service Session Alive

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