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Reports View Now Offers Paging and More

Report Server gets integrated into more and more user scenarios. With time,the number of reports and scheduled tasks that need to be managed is growing. In this release, we have extended all the grid views listing those assets to allow paging. In that way, the views load faster and are more convenient for navigation. On top of that, now each grid view has a more meaningful default sorting. The Reports view, for example, gets sorted by puttingthe favorite reports on top, and as a secondary sort uses the last modified dateand then the name of the report. Surely, this sorting may be changed as needed by the end-user and the new sort would be stored as the default one on the client machine. 


Reports View Now Offers Paging and More

Universal Search Box in Web Report Designer in Report Server

The Report Designer is a rich tool enabling Report Server users to create fully-fledged reports from scratch. With R2 2022, we’reintroducinga dedicated Search box within the designer, providing fast and convenient navigation throughout the report definition. Just hit Ctrl + F and start typing a property name and all matching properties of the currently selected report item will get listed. The same is applicable when you tryneedto find a particular item, data source, or even data source field you need to locate. When selected, the target property editor or component or even toolbox item will get focused and highlighted.  


Universal Search Box in Web Report Designer in Report Server

Assets Manager in Web Report Designer Gets Even Better

Since the previous release, the Report Server storage can preserve all used assets like images, styles and data files so that these can be shared among reports. These additional assets are managed using the Assets Manager tool in the Web Report Designer. The same tool is used to reference reports as well, for example, when setting up a drill-through interactivity action. This operation is now much more convenient for the user as the reports are now organized by categories. 



Reports by Categories

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