WebService based load on demand multi-column combobox

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    RadControls version

    RadControls for ASPNET AJAX Q2 2008
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    WebService based load on demand multi-column combobox.

    Telerik Note: You can achieve the same effect more easily with ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 client-side Templates and the RadComboBox client-side ItemDataBound event. For more information about the approach please see this blog post.

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    The attached solution is throwing the following error
    Microsoft JScript runtime error: '0' is null or not an object
    when you type something in the textbox that does not exist in the dropdown. 
    This is occuring in Visual Studio 2008 during debugging.

    For Example, I start typing the first two or three characters of a matching record, then I type in a character that results in no matching record, and the error is thrown. I am using IE 7 on XP Pro, and the code that is throwing the error is:

    if (_this._xmlHttpRequest.readyState === 4 ) {  
                try {  
                    if (typeof(_this._xmlHttpRequest.status) === "undefined") {  
                catch(ex) {  
                _this._responseAvailable = true;  
                try {  
                finally {  
                    if (_this._xmlHttpRequest != null) {  
                        _this._xmlHttpRequest.onreadystatechange = Function.emptyMethod;  
                        _this._xmlHttpRequest = null;  

    this code does not exist in the attached JavaScript files, so I am assuming it is located in one of the axd file references located in the web.config. Any help on rectifying this solution would be helpful.

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