Browser Support

Telerik is a pioneer in offering cross-browser compatible components for ASP.NET. This has been, is and will remain a top priority for the company. If adding new features is difficult, just think about doing so while maintaining cross-browser compatibility. This requires careful design work, extensive testing and very deep understanding of the intricacies of all platforms (browsers).

The following tables list the browsers the UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite supports:

Desktop Browsers Windows Mac OS Linux
Internet Explorer 9.0+ N/A
Microsoft Edge Current
Firefox Current, previous and ESR
Google Chrome
Current and previous
Opera Current and previous
Safari N/A 9.1+ N/A

Mobile Browsers Version
Safari Mobile iOS 9.0+
Chrome Mobile Yes
Opera Mobile 14.0+
IE Mobile 10.0+


  • IE8 is not supported as of R1 2017
  • IE7 and IE Compatibility Mode, which triggers IE7 emulation are not supported as of R3 2015
  • The Quirks Mode rendering engine for Internet Explorer is not supported, since it is based on Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Browsers in BETA stage are not supported

For best performance:

  • JavaScript must be enabled on all browsers
  • Caching must be activated
  • Follow the best practices discussed at: Optimizing Performance.