Save DockState in DataBase using RadAjaxManager

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    RadControls version

    Telerik.Web.UI 2009.3.1103.0+
    .NET version

    NET 2.x/3.x
    Visual Studio version

    programming language

    C# and VB
    browser support

    all browsers supported by RadControls

    This example is a modified version of the my portal online demo, that shows how to save the state of dynamically created RadDocks in DataBase and display a RadAjaxLoadingPanel during the AJAX request. For that purpose we use RadAjaxManager to ajaxify the docks and manually call the and RadAjaxLoadingPanel.hide() to show/hide the LoadingPanel. These methods are called in the event handlers of the AjaxManager's OnRequestStart and OnResponseEnd client-side events.

    The LoadingPanel will prevent the user to initiate a new AJAX request before the current one has finished and thus avoid any exception that might result from an AJAX conflict.
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