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    RadControls version RadComboBox v2.8.4+
    RadComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX
    (Telerik.Web.UI v2007.3.1425+)
    .NET version 2.X
    Visual Studio version VS2005
    programming language JavaScript
    browser support

    all browsers supported by RadComboBox


    This project demonstrates how to implement a RadComboBox supporting multi-selection with checkboxes.

    Briefly, I create an Item Template which holds a single ASP CheckBox control. Whenever the user clicks on either the CheckBox or its Text the onclick event is handled and the container RadComboBox Item is ‘recorded’. The important step here is to maintain the state of the drop down – it should be open while the user clicks on the Items.

    Since RadComboBox selects only one Item by design, I use its Input field to store the texts of the selected Items and a hidden field to store their values. Both of them I store as a comma separated lists, which are easily parsed on the server when needed. In the same manner Indexes of the selected Items can be stored in additional hidden field if it is required.

    RadComboBox has built-in checkboxes support from Q2 2011. A demo is available here.

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