Performing updates/inserts containing HTML for a Batch Editing grid

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    Q1 2015 and later

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    All supported browsers

    Components/Widgets used (JS frameworks, etc.)


    The Code Library illustrates how one can use HTML to edit a certain field data in a batch editing grid. The main idea in such an implementation is to subscribe to the four batch editing events(OnBatchEditGetCellValue, OnBatchEditSetEditorValue, OnBatchEditGetEditorValue and
    OnBatchEditSetCellValue) and manually get/set the cell and editor values. Such manipulation later allows you to transfer the HTML safely to the server and insert it into the database.

    The sample contains two pages which illustrate two different implementations. In the first a GridTemplateColumn with a RadEditor placed inside the EditItemTemplate is used whereas the second page applies a similar approach but for the built-in GridHTMLEditorColumn.
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    You can extend the function that prevents cells from closing to also cover editor dialogs like this:

    function editorDropDownActive() {
        console.log($telerik.$("[id*='_dialogOpener']").is(":visible")); //test your selectors to find an option that works for your needs
        return $telerik.$(".reDropDownBody").is(":visible") || $telerik.$("[id*='_dialogOpener']").is(":visible");
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