Nested MasterPages with two level TabStrip

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    Posted 11 Nov 2008 Link to this post


    RadControls version

    RadControls for ASPNET AJAX Q3 2008

    .NET version

    3.5 SP1

    Visual Studio version


    programming language


    browser support

    all browsers supported by RadControls

    The demo shows a way of using a TabStrip control together with nested MasterPages.

    The TabStrip control has 3 root tabs and each tab has child tabs. Each subtab links to a different ASPX page and makes use of nested MasterPages to achieve consistent layout (though not the purpose of this demo).

    There is a top level master page that can provide general content for all tabs and child tabs then there is one child master page for each root tab. Each child master can provide general content for all its subtabs as well as giving any child ASPX page to provide custom content. All content combinations are present in the demo using easy to understand texts.

    There is a tab selection mechanism where the master pages expose a public property that will be used to select the appropriate tab/child tab. This property is set from the child masters in the case of the main master and from each ASPX page for the child masters using it.

    The zip file contains ready-to-use VS2008 solution file.
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