Making the innerHtml does not disappear during the window movement

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    RadControls version Q3 2009 SP1
    .NET version

    Visual Studio version

    programming language

    browser support

    all browsers supported by RadControls


    The RadWindow control have one curious bug. When moving the RadWindow - all what`s inside of window dissapear. Then when we stop moving it appear again. It`s realy annoying. With a litle help of JQUERY we can obtain the same funcionality and solve the dissapearing problem. I will solve the same problem during the window resizing [in a couple of days]

    All we have to do is to disable the RadWindow Move Behavior and launch the Jquery draggable.

    This approach fix also problem withh RadWindow opened near the iframe. Currently when moving RadWindow near the iframe the iframe is white page. This is bug that i was assured [by Telerik support:) ] can not by solved curently. As shown below everything can be solved. It`s only matter of approach.

    The example site that i`m attaching show us how to achieve this. I hope that Telerik team will change the Move behavior from protype to that what i`m proposing.


    In "project" the web.config and also bins are included. It`s recommended to "use" your own web.config and bins [included in your telerik version]
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    Hi AM,

    Thank you for the project.

    Please don't post applications that use Dev version of the DLLs - I removed them from your archive and uploaded the file again.
    As for the solution, in it, you replace the drag&drop functionality with your own, but this leads to problems. For example:
    1. When the window is moved fast, the cursor goes in the IFRAME and its events are consumed - e.g. you "don't know" when the dragging / resizing is over which leads to inconsistent behavior - this is one of the main reasons why we hide the IFRAME (not because of a bug).
    2. The OnClientDragStart / OnClientDragEnd events will not work with your implementation. Also with your implementation, you bypass many other calculations that are needed for the RadWindow logic.This again leads to inconsistent behavior of the control.
    The good news is that this functionality is already improved in our builds and with Q1 2010 we will introduce the "live resize" mode for the RadWindow control where the IFRAME will not be hidden anymore when the window is dragged or resized.

    All the best,
    Georgi Tunev
    the Telerik team

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    Posted 28 Jan 2010 Link to this post

    1. The problem that you described is already solved. During initialization Jquery Draggable we must change one option:

    $(element).draggable({ iframeFix: true }); 

    2. Of Course some events won`t fire. This solution should be added in base level code and should be implemented within RadWindow in order to work properly. Right now it only do the job after all control`s are rendered and so it have got little capabilities.

    Of course i didn`t mean that is a real "bug" but some lack of funcionality. I use RadControls in my project and RadWindow appears on site with some map engine implemented. After moving the RadWindow the map [in iframe] dissapear and it looks awful. I cannot show such solution to clients.

    That`s why i have created this "workaround" I`m glad to hear that it will be solved in next RadControls Release. I`m looking forward.

    All the Best
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