How to Open a Secure & Vulnerable URL on MOSS Site by Using RAD Menu & RAD Window, loaded as a Web Part [.dll]

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    How to open a "Secured" or "Vulnerable" URL on the internet without exposing its Address to the client?or, Is There any way in/other than Explorer Window to view external URLs & also, can we  remove status bar, address-bar etc. from the window?

    We can use RADWINDOW for the same. Following is the code for creating a web-part for reaching any external website.


    [1] Add OnClientItemClicking to RadMenu and call the Javascript function “clickHandler”. This will call the javascript code & check for condition.

    Which will then open the RADWINDOW with the desired ID using RADOPEN.


    [2] We can disable the status-bar by turning “VisibleStatusbar” of RADWINDOW to false.


    namespace Web_Part1  
        public class Web_Part1 : System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart  
            Button btn1 = new Button();  
            RadWindowManager rwm = new RadWindowManager();  
            protected override void CreateChildControls()  
                rwm.ID = "rwm";  
                RadWindow rw_Open_OWAnew RadWindow();  
                rw_Open_OWA.ID = "rw_Open_OWA";  
                rw_Open_OWA.NavigateUrl = "";  
                rw_Open_OWA.VisibleStatusbar = false;  
                rw_Open_OWA.Height = Unit.Pixel(450);  
                rw_Open_OWA.Width = Unit.Pixel(700);  
                Label Label1 = new Label();  
                Label1.Text = "<script type='text/javascript'> function Click(sender, eventArgs){if (eventArgs.Item.Text == \"Open_OWA\"){radopen(null,\"rw_Open_OWA\");return false;}}</script>";  
                RadMenu rm = new RadMenu();  
                rm.ID = "rm";  
                rm.OnClientItemClicking = "Click";  
                // Add sub-items  
                RadMenuItem rmSubItem = new RadMenuItem();  
                rmSubItem.Text = "Open_OWA";  
            protected override void RenderContents(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter output)  


    [1] It doesn't refresh the page already open [ asynchronous for page with .dll ].

    [2] Radwindow Is Highly customizable.

    [3] It closes along with the actual browser window which opened it.

    [4] Secure & Faster Than Other Browser windows. [ Due to caching. ]

    [5] Does not open a new window with Ctrl+N [ Remember other browser windows are vulnerable to Ctrl+N ] !
    [6] There can be a problem of caching, as it is un desirable at times. This can also be overcome by working on "OnClientShow" event handler.




































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