How to Make a RadAjaxLoadingPanel Span Over the Whole Page

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    RadControls version RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX 2008.1.415+
    RadAjax 1.8+
    .NET version

    2.0, 3.5
    Visual Studio version

    2005, 2008
    programming language

    browser support

    all browsers supported by RadControls


    The following code library example demonstrates how to make a RadAjaxLoadingPanel expand to occupy the full page width and height.

    Here are some important notes:

    1. The RadAjaxLoadingPanel has to be Sticky (IsSticky="true") and absolutely positioned with width and height set to 100%.
    2. The <body> tag needs its margin reset to zero, otherwise the loading panel will not start from the browser viewport edge.
    3. The html, body and form tags need a min-height:100% style, in casе the page content is less than the browser viewport height.
    4. If the page content is more than the browser viewport height, you need to set the loading panel's height client-side with Javascript.
    5. The RadAjaxLoadingPanel must be placed inside the <form> element. Otherwise it must not have relatively positioned parent elements, because they will prevent it from expanding properly.
    6. If the RadAjaxLoadingPanel does not cover some relatively positioned elements on the page, then move the loading panel after those elements in the page markup and/or set some large enough z-index style to the RadAjaxLoadingPanel's CSS class.

    In addition, please review the various comments in the attached ASPX page.

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    Here is a modified version of the above sample project, which also demonstrates how to place a background image at the center of the ajax loading panel's currently visible portion.

    Also, a problem with calculating the page scroll offset in Safari is resolved.

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