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    RadControls version


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    browser support

    all browsers supported by RadControls

    This project encapsulates RadFileExplorer in a user control and extends in with:
    a.) Copy instead of move when you drag a file
    b.) Backup Files when you delete them
    c.) Protect files (disable delete / rename)
    d.) Provide server events for "Folder changed" - "File selected"

    The user control (XFileExplorer) has additional parameter as shown here in the code:
        Supported parameters for XFileExplorer  
        ViewPaths="~/XFiles,~/XImages,~/XDocs"      ###parameter for RadFileExplorer  
        DeletePaths="~/XFiles,~/XImages,~/XDocs"    ###parameter for RadFileExplorer  
        UploadPaths="~/XFiles,~/XImages,~/XDocs"    ###parameter for RadFileExplorer  
        BackupURL="/XBackup"    ###path to the backup directory  
        BackupEnabled="True"    ###enable backup  
        DoCopy="True"           ###copy instead of move  
        ProtectedFiles="/XFiles/Styles/XFEStyles.css,/XFiles/Styles/Main.css,/XFiles/Styles/bkg/PageBKG.jpg" ###protected files / diretories  
        OnFileSelected="xfeOne_OnFileSelected"      ###event when a file is selected  
        OnDirectorySelected="xfeOne_OnDirSelected"  ###event when the current directory has changed  
        <uc1:XFileExplorer ID="xfeOne" runat="server"   
        OnDirectorySelected="xfeOne_OnDirSelected" /> 

    Known issues:
    With the trial version of rad controls you get sometimes an error message (see default.aspx).
    This happens (I guess) because the trial version tries to display a message which does not work very well with ajax calls.
    Sometimes a doubleclick on a folder in the grid (not in the tree) results in an "endless" ajax call.
    Simply choose different folders in the tree (about 2 to 5) and this goes away.
    REASON: when a file or folder is selected I make an ajax call. With a folder RadFileExplorer makes also such a call - and this (if it takes longer to load the directory collides)
    Here is the call which makes the problem:
            function OnClientItemSelected(sender, args) {  
                var item = args.get_item();  
                if (item.get_type() == Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorerItemType.File) {  
                    TellServerAboutSelectedElement("FILE:" + item.get_path());  
                else {  
                    //if you want the directory selected in grid as "current directory do this  
                    //TellServerAboutSelectedElement("DIR:" + item.get_path()); //signal no file selected!!  
                    //in this case I just want to tell that no file is selected  
    //this call sometimes "freezes" RadFileExplorer when a folder is double clicked  
    The last line in the function makes the problems sometimes.

    How to use the sample:
    Simply open it in visual studio and run it.
    If you run it on a webserver (not the integrated webdev server) ensure that the folders
    /XFiles and /XBackup (including subfolders) have write access for the web server process.

    For closer information about this project take a look at:

    The zip file also includes the three screenshot from the blog (part 4/5).

    Have fun

  2. Georgi Tunev
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    Posted 15 Apr 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Manfred,

    Thank you for the project - I am sure that it will be helpful for the other members of our community.
    Your points were updated.

    Georgi Tunev
    the Telerik team

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  3. Amit Singh
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    Posted 30 Nov 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Manfred,

    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As the admin above rightfully mentions your code would really help a lot of other members as it has helped me too.

    Once again thanks for your help you Good Samaritan :)

    Warm Regards

    Amit Singh
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