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    Telerik Product and Version

    UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2017 R3

    Supported Browsers and Platforms

    all browsers supported by Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite

    Components/Widgets used (JS frameworks, etc.)

    RadGantt, .NET 4.0/4.5 C#

    This example demonstrates how to convert the content of a cell into a hyperlink.

    The conversion is achieved by iterating all tasks in the OnClientDataBound event and based on their unique id (_uid property of the dataItem) the corresponding row elements are found. Once a reference to the row is obtained, the desired cell is accessed and modified as demonstrated in the attached project. 
    <telerik:RadGantt runat="server" OnClientDataBound="OnClientDataBound" ID="RadGantt1" SelectedView="WeekView" >
    var $ = $telerik.$;
    function OnClientDataBound(sender, args) {
        var dataItems = sender.get_allTasks();
        for (var j = 0; j < dataItems.length; j++) {
            var dataItem = dataItems[j];
            var row = $("[data-uid='" + dataItem._uid + "']");
            // .eq(1) determines which column should be converted into a hyperlink
            var span = row.find("td").eq(1).find("span").last();
            span.replaceWith(function () {
                // custom logic for creating the link URL
                var url = $.trim($(this).text());
                return '<a href="' + url + '" target="_blank">' + url + '</a>';
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    Posted 19 Mar 2018 in reply to EA29E686-AF27-4642-ABE0-763F955DCF04 Link to this post

    The example you shared is good and does satisfy our requirement for now. However, I would recommend to have Hyperlink column as one of the default column types for custom columns within RadGantt chart.
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