Advanced Keyboard Functionality for RadDatePicker

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    Telerik Product and Version


    Supported Browsers and Platforms

    FF - current and previous
    Chrome - current and previous

    Programming language

    JavaScript, C#


    The purpose of the code-library is not to present the users with a general solution for all formats and cultures, but rather to demonstrate how to implement a custom solution if advanced keyboard navigation is needed.


    • every part (year, month, date) can be incremented individually either by arrow keys or mouse scroll (already built-in)
    • only numbers are allowed (except for month part)
    • only typing in the displayed format is allowed
    • only valid dates can be entered, e.g. 30 Feb or 54 July are automatically corrected on the fly
    • for every of the three parts Tab navigation can be used, as well as reversed with Shift-Tab
    • month part can be defined using the capital letter of the month, e.g. A selects April/August, D selects December
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