Add Shift+F10 Context Menu Navigation for RadGrid

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    All browsers supported by Telerik UI for ASP .NET AJAX

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    JavaScript, C#


    This sample demonstrates how you can override the default Shift+F10 keyboard shortcut combination of the browser and display the grid's own custom RadContextMenu instead. This will happen only when the grid is focused so that the users won't lose their default keyboard functionality when navigating through the other parts of the page.

    After the context menu is opened using the keyboard Shift+F10 shortcut, the focus will remain on the last active grid cell. The only exception here is the FireFox browser, which reserves the focus for its own menu and this cannot be changed since this behavior does not depend on any page logic, but it is the built-in default functionality of the browser itself.
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    Posted 22 Mar 2018 in reply to Eyup Link to this post

    Tweaking a bit the gridContextMenu function as follows achieves focusing of the ContextMenu and then refocusing the Grid when the ContextMenu is closed

    function gridContextMenu(gridEl, event) {
        // some other code here....
        if (event.which == 3) {
            if ($("td").prop("class") == "rgActiveCell rgSelectedCell") {
        else {
            var menuX = $(cell).position().left + $(cell).width() / 2;
            var menuY = $(cell).position().top + $(cell).height() / 2;
            menu.showAt(menuX, menuY);
            // START focus the context menu and refocus grid when hiding
            var item = menu.get_items().getItem(0);
            menu.add_hidden(function () { gridEl.focus() });
            // END focus the context menu and refocus grid when hiding

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