Accessibility Support

The following table lists the Kendo UI components for Angular which support accessibility and keyboard navigation options.

Component Section 508 WCAG 2.1 Keyboard Navigation
ArcGauge No3 No3 No
AutoComplete Yes AAA Yes
Avatar No No No
ButtonGroup Yes AAA Yes1
Calendar Yes AAA Yes
Card Yes AA No
Chart No3 No3 No
Chip No AA No
ChipList No AA No
ChunkProgressBar Yes AAA No
ColorGradient No No Yes2
ColorPalette No No Yes
ColorPicker No No Yes
ComboBox Yes AA Yes
ContextMenu Yes AAA Yes
Conversational UI Yes AAA Yes
DateInput Yes AAA Yes
DatePicker Yes AAA Yes
DateRange Yes2 AAA Yes2
DateTimePicker Yes AAA Yes
Dialog Yes AA Yes
Drawer No No No
DropDownButton Yes AA Yes
DropDownList Yes AA Yes
Editor Yes2 AAA Yes
FileSelect Yes1 AA Yes
FloatingLabel Yes1 AAA No
Grid Yes AAA Yes
LinearGauge No3 No3 No
MaskedTextBox Yes AAA Yes1
Menu Yes AAA Yes
MultiSelect Yes AAA Yes
MultiViewCalendar Yes AAA Yes
NumericTextBox Yes AAA Yes
PanelBar Yes AAA Yes
ProgressBar Yes AAA No
RadialGauge No3 No3 No
Scheduler Yes AAA Yes
ScrollView Yes AAA Yes
Slider Yes AAA Yes
Sortable Yes AAA Yes
Sparkline No3 No3 No
SplitButton Yes AA Yes
Splitter Yes AAA Yes
StockChart No3 No3 No
Switch Yes AA Yes
TabStrip Yes AAA Yes
TimePicker Yes AAA Yes
ToolBar Yes AA Yes
TreeList Yes2 AAA Yes
TreeView Yes AA Yes
Upload Yes1 AA Yes
Window Yes AAA Yes

1 - The component extends a native HTML element and does not require additional accessibility functionality to provide this level of compliance.
2 - The component is built by using other components that are fully accessible. Combining their accessibility with the built-in browser keyboard navigation support allows the component to achieve this level of accessibility.
3 - The component is treated as an image by assistive technologies. To make it accessible, add a descriptive label or an alternative representation of the data. For example, a chart may be represented by a table that duplicates the data in an accessible form.

The Kendo UI components for Angular are highly extensible and customizable. This means that, depending on the level of customization applied, you may be introducing rendering that is not accessible. Therefore, it is recommended that you test any modifications you make to the Kendo UI components for Angular to ensure the they still meet the desired level of accessibility standards. Additionally, be mindful of components working with custom input (images, text, HTML content, and so on) and make sure your content is accessible, too.

Last updated on 24 March, 2020

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