Accessibility Compliance

The following table lists the Kendo UI components for Angular in terms of the accessibility and keyboard navigation support they provide.

Component Section 508 WCAG 2.0 Keyboard Navigation
AutoComplete Yes AA Yes
ButtonGroup Yes AA n/a
Calendar Yes AAA Yes
ComboBox Yes AA Yes
DateInput Yes AAA Yes
DatePicker Yes AAA Yes
Dialog n/a AA Yes
DropDownButton Yes AA Yes
DropDownList Yes AA Yes
Grid Yes AAA Yes
MaskedTextBox Yes AAA n/a
MultiSelect Yes AAA Yes
NumericTextBox Yes AAA Yes
PanelBar Yes AAA Yes
ScrollView Yes AAA Yes
Slider Yes AAA Yes
Sortable n/a AAA Yes
SplitButton Yes AA Yes
Switch Yes AA Yes
TabStrip Yes AAA Yes
TimePicker Yes AAA Yes
TreeView Yes AA Yes
Upload n/a AA Yes
Window n/a AAA Yes

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