multiSelect filter in grid after kendo ui version upgrade is empty

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    we recently upgraded our KendoUI version to 2016.2.714. Before we had 2015.1.429 and the multiSelect filter worked like a charm.


    For getting the data, we use an angular service:

        // ...
        field: "myField",
        title: "my title",
        hidden: false,
        values: model.fkValues.myValues,
        filterable: {
                multi: true,
                dataSource: model.fkValues.myValues,

    The error appears, when you click on the filter icon. It is somehow thrown in an kendo ui click handler. See our browser debugger stack trace

    Uncaught ReferenceError: myField is not defined:

    1. (anonymous function)                                       @ VM13474:3
    2. render                                                               @ kendo.all.min.js:25
    3. proxy                                                                 @ jquery.js:512
    4. createCheckBoxes                                            @ kendo.all.min.js:43
    5.  refresh                                                               @ kendo.all.min.js:43
    6. options.forceUnique.checkChangeHandler       @ kendo.all.min.js:43
    7. trigger                                                                 @ kendo.all.min.js:25
    8. _process                                                             @ kendo.all.min.js:28
    9. success                                                               @ kendo.all.min.js:27
    10. success                                                               @ kendo.all.min.js:27
    11. n.success                                                            @ kendo.all.min.js:27
    12. fire                                                                       @ jquery.js:3099
    13. fireWith                                                                @ jquery.js:3211
    14. done                                                                    @ jquery.js:8264
    15. (anonymous function)                                         @ jquery.js:8605

    We have included angularjs 1.2.29, jquery 1.7.1 and jquery-ui 1.10.1



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    Hello Fabian,

    The issue occurs because in the old versions the columns.filterable.dataSource property was disregarded when using the columns.filterable.multi property with the columns.values property. In the newer Kendo UI versions, the columns.filterable.dataSource property is not disregarded, and it is searching for the field in the data which in your scenario is missing. 

    In order the application to work as expected, please remove the columns.filterable.dataSource property from the column' configuration.

    Please check the following example demonstrating this implementation:

    I hope this is helpful.

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    Posted 13 Sep 2016 Link to this post

    Thanks, I have removed the dataSource key and it works.
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