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If you have read our blog post from earlier this week, waiting for the Q1 2013 bits with high anticipation, then the wait is over! Q1 2013 is alive and kicking ready to energize your applications with a wide range of new functionality and improvements:
  • Our new Windows Forms control – RadPdfViewer - joins Telerik Winforms suite to help you provide PDF viewing functionality directly within your applications.
  • Another control – RadPivotGrid -now gets rid of its “Beta” tag to officially join the suite and assist your end-users take better informed decisions based on trend observations and the summarized data that the component provides. Report filtering and group sorting enhance the OLAP support in this release.
    PivotGrid for WinForms KPI
  • RadChartView improves the way that it displays data point labels when there is a bunch of labels to be shown. This makes the data visualized on the chart much more digestible for the end-users, by significantly improving its usability.
  • Displaying data in a drill-down manner is now made easy with the drill-down support of RadChartView packed with RadControls for WinForms Q1 2013. All the end-user should do is click a data point straight in the chart in order to drill to the data level below.
  • We also present the multi-axes support which enables you to plot charts that feature different characteristics in a single RadChartView. Of course, the plotted charts should share one common base characteristic against which the different characteristics will be compared.
  • Yet another new theme joins the suite – the Visual Studio 2012 Dark skin complementing its Light brother of the force ( :) ) Visual Studio 2012 Light, that we shipped with our previous version.
    Visual Studio 2012 Dark theme for WinForms
  • A great number of fixes and small improvements across the whole suite.

Detailed information about each of the major features kicking with Q1 2013 is about to follow, so stay tuned and play with the latest bits.

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