Report Server Revisions

The latest service pack revision of Telerik Reporting and Report Server release is now live—we can't wait to share all the goodies with you.

We have so much to share with you—report revision control, Extended Query Designer DB support, updated WPF report viewer toolbar buttons, better handling of UI user preferences, DocumentMap improvements, enhanced image rendering, and last but not least a few bug fixes will tempt you to check the new R3 2017 SP1 release of Telerik Reporting and Report Server. The release is now live and we can't wait to dive into all the goodies we packed into it with you.

Report Revision Control

As reports are designed, it is common for multiple versions of the same report to be deployed in and for the users to be working simultaneously while they are offline. Managing such report changes is now easier with the new option to upload a revision to an existing report on the Report Server. This can be achieved via the Report Server Manager web application or the Standalone Report Designer, and the report revision could be in TRDP or TRDX format.

Query Designer Extended DB Support

Now the Query Designer supports data schema retrieval for any ADO.NET/ODBC/OLEDB data provider that provides a working implementation of GetSchema() method with COLUMN collection support. Automatic relations are provided for databases that are supported by the Telerik Data Access and for Progress OpenEdge DBMS.

WPF Report Viewer Themes Refresh

Almost every new device today ships with a high DPI screen. That trend has started branching out to laptops, and it's only a matter of time until every device we use is high DPI. We are working hard to optimize our report viewers so they look great on any device and provide the best experience for the users. This time the step was to change all toolbar buttons in all themes to use glyphs instead of raster images so that the WPF report viewer provides superior high-DPI display support.

Enhanced Wizards

All wizard dialog windows now preserve their size and location. The settings storage depends on the current user, so you will be able to switch between user accounts and start working with a UI which is familiar and comfortable to use, exactly as you left it the last time you logged in.

DocumentMap Improvement

The document map provides a set of navigational links to report items in the rendered report but is not part of the report itself. A user can click on links in the document map to jump to the report page that displays that item much like a table of contents. This works wonderfully when the groups and details in the report are well-defined and visible.

However, there are some complex Table and Crosstab layouts which can break the hierarchy of the DocumentMap links. We have improved the DocumentMap generation algorithm so the set of navigational links is still displayed hierarchically, even in the complex scenarios mentioned above.

Precise Image Rendering

To display images in a report from a PictureBox or a BackgroundImage property we depend on the image's meta information, such as DPI. When this information is not reported correctly the image might appear blurred. Now we have improved the error correction algorithms to provide crisply rendered images.

Eliminated Bugs

For the full list of all the bug fixes, check the release notes for Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server.

Try it Out and Share Feedback

We want to know what you think—you can download a free trial today and share your thoughts in our Feedback Portal, or right in the comments below.

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