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Release History

Telerik Report Server R3 2017 SP1 (version

October 24, 2017

Report Revision Control

  • As reports are designed, it is common for multiple versions of the same report to be deployed in and for the users to be working simultaneously while they are offline. Managing such report changes is now easier with the new option to upload a revision to an existing report on the Report Server. This can be achieved via the Report Server Manager web application or the Standalone Report Designer, and the report revision could be in TRDP , TRBP or TRDX format.

Query Designer Extended DB support

  • Now the Query Designer supports data schema retrieval for any ADO.NET/ODB/OLEDB data provider that provides working implementation of GetSchema() method with COLUMN collection support. Automatic relations are only provided for databases that are supported by the Telerik Data Access and for Progress OpenEdge DBMS.

Report Designer Wizards

  • All wizard dialogs now preserve their size and location in the user preferences.


  • Scheduled tasks and alerts send an email to the subscribers even when the report processing fails
  • Incorrect validation while editing a data connection name
  • Scheduled task subscribers with missing first and last names are displayed as NULL NULL in Scheduling page


  • Can create Scheduling Task with invalid (not existing) ReportId
  • Update Scheduled task from REST API - throws 500 internal server error


  • Data connection options page of the SQL Data Source wizard does not have preselected option if local connection is used
  • Saving a server report with "Save As..." does not use case-insensitive uniqueness check
  • SQL Data Source wizard add new connection option is not checking for connection validity
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Wizards are not persisting their size and location
  • PageSetting dialog does not preserve changes on Enter
  • Properties of coordinate system are not shown in Edit Bindings dialog's dropdown
  • SQL Data Source wizard allows to open the parameters page with an invalid database connection information in server report
  • SQL Data Source wizard data preview returns redundant data when the command/sp contains SET FMTONLY OFF
  • The MapItem's data schema cannot be retrieved
  • Options tab Build Connection button does not open the Build New Data Connection dialog
  • Query Designer doesn't provide information about the unrelated tables names
  • Query Designer throws an exception when opened for unsupported database.


  • Graph axis with numerical scale does not display any labels when large close numbers are used as data
  • Graph's inheritable style properties are not propagated to its axis titles
  • Nodes in DocumentMap are not hierarchical when defined on table groups with no associated report item
  • Vertically adjacent report items are overlapping when processed, if their containers have incorrect size


  • Related export formats are missing when referencing DocumentFormat.OpenXml version or above
  • Total page count is not available when rendering a report programmatically

Image Rendering

  • Graph axis labels are not rendered when the available space is insufficient
  • PictureBox image is blurred even when Sizing is set to Normal
  • Repeated background images are rendered with small gaps between the adjacent tiles
  • The whitespace at the end of <span> is not represented correctly with font-family 'symbol'

RTF Rendering

  • An error occurs when exporting HtmlTextBox to RTF

XPS Rendering

  • Images are scaled using low quality settings

Interactive View

  • "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object" error is shown in Interactive mode of WPF Viewer


  • Document map tree is partially missing when the page contains a RadScriptManager control

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