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The R3 2020 release of the Kendo UI for Vue components is here! With this release comes the new native AutoComplete, ComboBox, and MultiSelect components.

The R3 2020 release of the Kendo UI Vue components has finally arrived! Along with support for the latest Vue.js 3.0 RC we have released some new native Vue UI components, and updated our documentation and demos to be faster than ever!

Vue.js 3.0 Support

While Vue.js 3.0 may not be here quite yet, the Kendo UI for Vue team has been hard at work making sure that our existing components are ready for the anticipated new version of Vue. This includes updating both the wrapped UI components, and reworking the existing native UI components. So, feel free to experiment with the Kendo UI components in any project targeting the latest Vue 3.0 RC, and get ready for the official version to drop!

New Native Vue Components

New Component: AutoComplete

The Kendo UI for Vue AutoComplete Component

Adding to our growing list of Form-related components, specifically to the list of drop downs, with R3 2020 Kendo UI for Vue is introducing the Vue AutoComplete component.

For those not familiar with the various differences in drop downs, the AutoComplete is a text box that serves suggestions based on user input. So, the Vue AutoComplete component allows users to type text in to a input element which then provides a drop down of possible items for them to select based on what they have typed in. Of course, items filter down as the user types to help reduce the amount of choices they are served based on what has been typed.

Head on over to the new AutoComplete docs & demo page to see this new native component in action.

New Component: ComboBox

The Kendo UI for Vue ComboBox Component with the user selecting a value after clicking the drop down icon

The new Kendo UI for Vue ComboBox component also lets users select a single value, but the overall user experience showcases a drop down arrow next to the text input of the component. This gives the flexibility for users to type in a value and select the a value from the provided list, or just click on the drop down arrow and start scrolling to find the item they are looking for.

For a live demo of the Kendo UI for Vue ComboBox component head on over to our demos and documentation for the Vue ComboBox right here.

New Component: MaskedTextBox

The Kendo UI for Vue MaskedTextBox Component with a predefined telephone mask

There are several scenarios where users need to type in values like phone numbers, zip codes, or other inputs that need to stick to a certain format. Rather than trusting or hoping that our users type in their text in the correct format we can provide masks to indicate what that particular field expects, and this is where the Kendo UI for Vue MaskedTextBox comes in to play.

With built-in masks, as well as the ability for developers to create their own custom masks, this component is flexible enough to be used in any scenario that requires a specific format to data that needs to be entered correctly.

Jump on over to the Kendo UI for Vue MaskedTextBox component documentation right here for a more hands on look!

Improvements to Documentation and Demos

As a part of an effort to ensure that our documentation and demos are as fast as they can be, after all Kendo UI for Vue developers spend a lot of time referencing these resources, we spent time with this release to revamp the docs & demos with a focus on performance. Thanks to this pages across the Kendo UI for Vue documentation have a Google Pagespeed Score of over 90 as an average, leading to a 4x increase in performance in certain places! Head on over to the Kendo UI for Vue documentation to check out the improvements for yourself.

We Want Your Feedback!

Are there any native Vue UI components that you’re waiting for? Any specific features that we haven’t implemented yet? Head on over to our public feedback portal and submit any and all ideas. Items that we added with R3 2020 were all submitted by users like you and we drive our roadmap based on user feedback. This is your chance to influence what is coming out for Vue from the Kendo UI team!

Register for our Live R3 2020 Webinar!

As with previous releases the Kendo UI for Vue team will be hosting a webinar to cover everything mentioned above.

On Tuesday, September 29th we are hosting a webinar where where we will dive in to the latest content! We kick things off at 11 AM ET where we will cover what is new with KendoReact and Kendo UI for Vue. For the other Kendo UI products (Angular and jQuery) we have a webinar at the same time on September 30th.

Head on over to the what’s new in KendoReact and Kendo UI for Vue in R3 2020 webinar page and reserve your seat!

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