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Extend the Archive widget to use Dynamic Items
In the blog post is shown how the SitefinitySiteMap and navigation could be extended to show nodes depending on custom criteria - specific user roles, page's view permissions role and other.
Blog post:
Extend Sitefinity security. Add a custom claim
In this article is shown a way to extend the Archive widget in order to show dynamic items. The currently supported items and setting up of the build-in widget is described here.

New documentation articles:

Documentation article:Query localized items
In this article you can find information about query items that have a localized field in multiple cultures.
Documentation article:Retrieve image URL
Here you find find two API samples how you can programmatically retrieve the media URL or the thumbnail URL of an image using the image ID.
Documentation article
:Retrieve page URL
Here you can find two samples about programmatically retrieving URL of a specific page.


RadWindow Client-side Basics
New article that describes how to get a reference to the RadWindow in different scenarios and how to use the control on the client.


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